Rafia Manzoorul Ameen passes away in Hyderabad

Urdu writer

Urdu writer

Eminent Urdu writer Rafia Manzoorul Ameen passed away in Hyderabad Deccan recently. She was 78.

Her first novel ‘Saare jahaan ka dard’ that was set in Kashmir was published by Naseem Anhonvi’s publication from Lucknow. She wrote Yeh Raste and later Aalampanah which got her immense popularity as TV serial Farmaan was based on it.

She passed away when the muezzin gave the call for Zohr namaaz and after repeating the initial words ‘Allah-o-Akbar’, she breathed her last, reports Nadeem Siddiqui, in Inquilab Urdu daily (Mumbai).

She wrote over 200 stories in her literary career. She was a student of science and also wrote a book ‘Saainsi Zaaviye’ that was in the syllabus in Nagpur. Rafia Manzurul Amin was born in 1930 and died on June 30, 2008.



64 Responses

  1. She is survived by her wonderful husband 2 beautiful daughters and 5 loving grandchildren. She served as a ray of sunlight in all their lives. An amazing sun has just set in the world…

  2. “Every heartache and suffering that enters your body, pulls you closer to the Promised Home”…

    I am sad that I never had a chance to meet you. Although I did not know you personally, so much has been said about you to know how special you were.

    You had been through a lot through the years, but I know for sure that you left this world happy…happy knowing that you spent your life with some of the most special people in this world – your family.

    You will always be in my prayers and I although I know that it may be next to impossible…I hope and pray that one day I do get to finally meet you…

  3. She was my loving aunt. She also leaves behind grieving sisters, brother, nieces and nephews who will always remember her beautiful smile. She was a very special and talented person. A painting done by her hangs in my home and reminds me daily of her extraordinary life. She and her husband have set us all an example to follow of love, devotion and caring for each other. May Allah forgive her sins and grant her a place in paradise. Aameen

  4. Rafia- The light has gone out of my life, after your death. There is darkness everywhere. You had been such a wonderful wife.
    You had been my friend, philosopher & guide. My Allah grant you the highest place in Jannat -ul- Firdaus!

    Your loving husband.

    • sir can u pliz tell me where will i get d novel alampanah

    • Sir Manzurul Amin

      My father in law wants to reas the novel “Alampanah” and has been looking for it for quite some time. Can you please guide me?


    • Sir

      Mai bahut waqt ke bad jaan pai hoon ki jinke likhe huye lafjo ko mai 18 saal se dhoondhti fir rahi hoon wo ab is duniya mai nahi hai. Yakinan ye ek bada nuksaan hai, sirf aapke liye nahi , hum jaise logo ke liye bhi jo us roshni se mukhatib na ho sake………

      Maine unke lafjo ko seedhe T.V. screen per uterate dekha…. tab shayad 10 ya bmushkil 11 saal ki raho hoongi…….us waqt itni samajh nahi thi ki jaan sakoo ki jo lafz mujh per asar ker rahe hai wo kiske dil-o-dimaag me janame hai….. khuda ke shukr se bus ek naam yad rah gaya… ALAMPANAH…. or yakeen janiega is naam ko mai kabhi bhool nahi pai…..

      Padhne wale or shayad aap bhi hairan hoge ki us waqt jab mohabbat kis chidiya ka naam hai ye tak nahi janti thi……ek sapna paal liya dil me ki wo koi Khas ho to AZAR NAWAB jaisa…… ye jadoo tha un lafjo ka……

      Khair mai kisi layak nahi, bus ye hi dua hai meri ki ALLAH unhe apne najdeek panah ata farmaye.. Ameen

      Aap sabse ye iltiza hai ki un jadui lafzo ko apne sirhana-nasheen kerne ki aarzoo hai meri takreeban 18 saalo se……

      Aapki madad ke intezar me
      Aparna Shri

    • Dear Manzurul Sahab
      I am very sorry for your loss …… Your wife was a exceptionally talented person and I am sure she must be smiling looking at you and all her well wishers from Heaven. I am sorry to say that I tried finding Mrs Amin’s Famous book ALAMPANAH in delhi but could’nt find it .Would you be kind enough to help me. Reading this incredible novel features prominently on my wish list.

    • sir.when i was in class 9th(1995),i got d chance to read alampanah,in my school library…i m v.fond of reading..that book made an impression of a beautiful relations..full of life,values n emotions of ur near-dear ones….today i gt d chance to express my thought to u..May Allah bless u n ur family always…My Hat’s Off To Mam..

      sir ..plz let me know ,from where i get Allampanah


    • Hi..my heart goes out to the family for such a great loss… Well i am from a non hindi speaking part of India..but “Alampanah” was so beautifully adapted in the DD series that from the last 15 years i ve been trying to get a hindi version. I have even contacted Husami book depot ..but they told me that the Urdu version is out of print.. Can somebody please let me know if it was translated ever to Hindi and if so..requesting you to kindly let me know how to get a copy of it.. I am going to Dandeli this winter… Alampanah has made such a strong image in my mind.. That am for sure visiting Dandeli…

    • Assalamualaikum……..sir, I am a reachscholar of Aligarh Muslim University. there is one copy of Alampanah available at Maulana Azad liberary but i need ‘sare jahan ka dard’. Can u please tell me where will i get that novel.

      • Kya ye book ham kharid sakte h usi library se plese bta do aur agar wha nhi mil rha hoga to agar Aap ko pta hoga ki yah kha mil sakta h to plese bta dena bhot jaruri h bhai plese 7084639032 mujhe is number pe bta dena

  5. I am really lucky that i got to meet her because she is my dad’s aunt. She was really close to me. Chotam I miss u. I was not in India when she died. I was not really close to her sister-in-law, who is my dad’s mom, but when I heard that she is no more, I started to cry. She is my inspiration. She also had cancer for a really long time. She was so strong and brave that whenever we went to her house and asked her how r u, even if she’s really ill, she never said she is not well. She always said she was well. I miss her really much.

  6. One more thing. Before she died her brother, who is my dad’s father, died and she never said cried like crazy but she cried because she knew that if Allah [SWT] knows that he is a good person then Allah will give him another place. Thaat’s how i feel about her.

  7. Hello Manzurul Amin Saheb,

    I am Sunil and my deepest condolences to you and your family. Though I am not an avid reader, my fiancee Abhipsa is and we are searching for the book “Aalampanah” and have not been successful in obtaining a copy anywhere in Chennai and Bangalore. Could you kindly guide us to a store where I can purchase the book (a Hindi or English translation), as I want to gift this to Abhipsa because it matters a lot to her. My email address is sunilpadhi@rediffmail.com.

    Many thanks and once again I am really sorry for your loss.

    Best wishes,

  8. can anybody pls tell me that where can i get the novel ‘alampanah’? i want to read it bcoz its the great work of mrs. rafia manzurul amin. my email is dee_r2004@yahoo.co.in . may God bless her soul with emmence peace.

  9. can any one tell me too where will i get one copy of novel alam panah novel plizz

  10. Can you please let me know from where should I buy the Book ” Alampanah”. I m searching this book from past 10 year.. please help me with this…

  11. Hi,
    I’m also looking for this novel ‘Alampanah’.
    Please help me in getting one copy of it.


  12. hi
    if u r from mumbai
    then it will get from saifee book agency
    near j j hospital

  13. searching for the book aalampanaah,can somebody tell me aboyt its publisher or from where shall i get this book..animesh aniy2214@gmail.com

  14. please can anyone help me . i´m looking for novel álampanah´from whe re can i get it in jaipur rajasthan…….and under which publishing name it is published.

  15. Hi please do let me know as well, My e-mail id is janvy2k@gmail.com and i really would want to know more about her Works or if there is any website that i can find More details of Mam Rafia M.A. Thanks.

  16. I am from Kerala. I’m also looking for this novel ‘Alampanah’ from past 13 years. Please help me to get one copy of it (a Hindi or English translation).

  17. Hi,Can anyone help me out too..I am in bangalore and I am desperately searching for the book ‘Alampanah’…My emaiid is ruble_amie@rediffmail.com

  18. I came to know that aalampanaah was published by hassami/haashmi book depot,which is a publisher at delhi. animesh

  19. i read ‘alampanah’ a few months back…. best of all i have read so far…
    my aunt has this novel from last 25 years..

  20. Hi Sandeep,
    Can you please guide as to where this novel ALAMPANAH would be available. I am craving to read it as i too am a big time fan of the serial FARMAAN based on this novel. Please help.

  21. Please ager aap jante hai ki khan se (In Delhi) Rafia ji ke novels mil sakte hai
    mujhe please apshri.ento@gmail.com per bataye

    Maui hi nahi , meri kai dost bhi intezar me hai

  22. can anybody tell where i can get the book alam panah in Hyderabad

    • Dear All,
      You will be able to find a urdu copy of this book in Hussami Book Depot in Hyderabad. The Hindi copy of this is published by Hind Pocket books, Delhi. Hind Pocket books is no longer printing this book. I too am desperately waiting for this book since ages.
      Dear Mr. Sandeep, plz care to let us know how to get to this book. If you have a soft copy of this book, plz send it across. If not, can we get it photocopied from you? My email id is priyu26@gmail.com

  23. Mai Nidhi, alampanah ko padhna chaha to apka naam aaya,to maine apko hi padh liya,ye pata chala k aap ab nhi ho,to bhagwan se ye kaha k jahan bhi ho kush raho,jab FARMAAN serial aaya to chhoti the par phir bhi dekha,aaj jab pyar ka samajhti hu,to chahti hu k jo jeewansathi ho,apke AZHAR NAWAB k jaisa he ho.



  25. Dear all
    Tommorow i am leaving for Nai Sarak to find Aalampanah .pls pray for me that i get it….

  26. i hv been looking for it for the last couple of years and this is not the first time i visited this site. i see the passion of the ppl to read this book for once. i am not an exception too. i don’t understand why they can’t upload it in the internet. she is no more but her thought, idealism or beauty she created through her book, would survive if readers get a chance to read it. if some1 knows abt a reliable source, pls send me a link at a.g.mahmud2009@gmail.com

  27. Thank you for all your inquiries. This is her daughter. I have spoken to my father and will shortly provide you with information about where you can get it

    • Yes mai wha puch hu wo bhi kah rhe h wha nhi mil payega aur khi aap jante ho ki mil sakta h to plese help me

  28. You can find it in Hussami Book Depot in Char Kaman Hyderabad.

  29. Hi,
    I greatly wish to read Rafiaji’s Alampanah but
    I am unable to get it anywhere. If you could please help I would be delighted.

  30. somebody plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i m from pakistan great lover of mam and alam panah

  31. if there is any site showing this novel let me know

  32. Thank you all, for the earnestness and love behind your requests. We are working on uploading the novel. Some technicalities are involved and I am hopeful once that is sorted out, we will be able to post the link to the novel.

  33. thank you. please provide link on flipkart.com as well

  34. Plr tel me how can i read alampanah

  35. a/s ferozan mam, plz upload the book ‘alampanah’ on net, i am eagerly waiting 4r it.

  36. please post the link if you manage to upload the novel . i have been waiting 4 ages for that novel.

  37. Is Alampanah available in English ?

  38. Dear Farzonwarsiji, please let me know if Alampanah was uploaded on the net and is it available in Hindi translation or if Hind Pocket books came out with another edition.

    • i contacted the HIND POCKET BOOKS but unfortunately they r not in a mood to print another edition of it.surprise lots of people r eager to read that famous book but there is no hope to get it.

  39. plz someone uplaod the novel ALAM PANAH

  40. ferozan man aaj bhi mujhe alampanah net pe nahi mili pls upload kijeye.

  41. Dear all you can see all the episodes of Allampanah TV serial in You tube by searching the same name. I have seen all the episode there.
    I am fond of this TV serial and Writer too….!!!!!!
    Beast wishes to all

  42. Asslam,
    yeh mere liyen waqayee hairat ki baat hai ki jis serial ko dekhne ki khwahish mujhe bachpan se thi use achank hi DD Urdu par dekha, ishtiyaq is haad tak badha k likhne wali ki khoj karne ki sochi, magar khabar achchi na payee. rajn hua yeh jaan kar ke ab wo es Daar-e-Faani se rehlat farma chuki hain.

    Bachpan se apni Badi Behn aur deegar afrad se Farmaan ki Tareefen suni theen, aur ek din achanak use TV par dekha to un laga jaise dabi huee khwahish puri hogayee.

    Ishq ka ek naya roop, yeh ehsaah k kisi k ghussee ki wajah uski Mohabbat bhi ho sakti hai hairan kar dene wali baat hai.

    Aaj mai bhi Chah rahi thi k Alam Panah ko Padha jaye,

    Agar mumkin ho to es Novel ko net par dal diya jaye to behtar hoga,.

    Novel Padhne ki Khwahishmand
    Talat Khan

  43. Well the book like Alampanah is a marvaolus novel.Madam Rafia potrayed the characters like they are part of our normal life.I pray All Might Allah Grant her peace in Heaven

  44. sir rafia mam ki book allampanah ka publisher year and place bata de to hum es anmol love ko paa le shayad es jeeven mai azar ko to n pa skage per uski mohbaat ke eshas ko pa jay. pls give loving book.

  45. I just wanted to check from where i can bought her novels in Hindi edition namely Sare jahan ka dard and yeh raste.

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