Noor: A standard Urdu monthly for children

For almost six decades, Noor, has been the leading children’s magazine in the country and has helped keeping Urdu alive among the young ones in India.

The Noor digest is published from Rampur (Uttar Pradesh) and is a must in every household where Urdu is spoken. Along with Umang and Payam-e-Talim, Noor is among the few standard periodicals for kids whose mother tongue is Urdu.

Priced at Rs 18 per month, the annual subscription costs Rs 200, however, if you want it through registered post the charge is Rs 410. For subscription you can contact

In the past, Khilaunda, Toffee and Kaliyan were among the major children’s magazines but now few such magazines remain. And all Urdu lovers must patronise them.

For subscription you can send money order and also write a post card with the details of money order slip to Idara-e-Alhasanat, Old Khandsar, Rampur (UP), 244901.


14 Responses

    • I used to read this digest in my childhood,i still remember those interesting subjects of childhood,now I am 55 years old I still remember noor.

    • Is this magazine available in Saudi Arabia?
      for sure I recommend this magazine for my children,it is a complete magazine for teens,thank you NOOR for being a good friend in my childhood.

  1. ya i recommend reading these digests, i used to
    read those in my child hood days, jazak allah
    for all Idare al hisnath team for continuing
    this great work.

  2. Good Magazine for tenagers.

  3. Nice Blog you are also trying to promote the urdu language like i do…

  4. How can I get Noor in the US ?

  5. Asslam
    my name is azhar. i am a biggest fan of this resala.
    i want to send stories in this resala.
    so please give me a valid email address to send.

  6. Can someone scan it for those who are not living in India and place somewhere on net please….

  7. very beutiful

  8. aslam alaikum .i wanted to know whether my handwritten article has been reached to editors office or not.i have send it on 15th dec2011 till now i didnt get any reply..kindly send me the e-mail id on which i can send my poetry on future..

  9. can i get noor magazine editor email address.

  10. is this magazine still available? i want my child to learn urdu

  11. Noor is very good Islamic digest for children reading these digests, i used to
    read those in my child hood days, jazak allah
    for all Idare al hisnath team specially Mr. Murtuza Sahil Tasleemi for continuing this great work.

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