Hasrat Mohani: Poetry, life and works

hasrat mohani

An article on the life and works of Poet and Freedom Figher Maulana Hasrat Mohani.


24 Responses

  1. wow….outrageously good.

  2. Several years back I read a book named “Aawaz-e-Dost” authored by Mukhtar Masood. A “khaka” (sketch)was written on Maulana Hasrat Mohani. The said khaka is extraordinary like Maulana Hasrat Mohani. I suggest to include that one on your blog.

  3. itz woundrful………….
    i love it!!!!!

  4. nice n vary beautiful thought.i am like this resonllity

  5. its so nice i really love it,

  6. nice selection .informative.

  7. Nice ,Informative,
    A good selection of poetry

  8. حسرت مو ہانی بحیثیت ایک شاعر جس قدر مشہور ہیں ایک مجاہدِ آ زادی کی حیثیت سے بھی ان کا بھر پور تعارف ضروری ہے اس سلسلہ میں شاید انھیں سیاسی وجوہات کی بنا پر بھا رت میں نظر انداز کیا جاتا رہا ہے ،

  9. isghazal maen kitnane ashar haen,allah behatar jane.
    jab bhi maene padhar hae, hamesha ik -na-ik shaer
    naya padhne ko mila hae. ik shaer- be rukhi ke
    sath sunana dard-e-dil ki dastan,aur kalaie me

    tera kangan ghumana yad hae. Adab

  10. Harat mohani is the great poet.
    his poetry is meaningful.

  11. Hasrat mohani ki shairi jawan dilon ki dharkan ha.

  12. jidd o jahde husoole azaadi mein hasratmohani ke kirdar ka az ssar e nau ta’ayyun kiya jana chahiye aisa karke hindustan unhein sachcha khiraj e aqeedat paish kar sakta hai kq india

  13. A great poet and the greatest person in the history of freedom fighters of subcontinent. His life is inspiring and his personality is almost perfect …Moulana Zaffar Ali Khan once said…’ one recall the memories of early Muslims after meeting Moulana Hasrat Mouhani…’

  14. Muzaffar hanfi is a well known reputed poet and writer. He has written a very good on Hasrat Mohani called ”Hasrat Mohani”. This book has been published in many languages by National book trust India.


  16. this is great poet we love u ❤

  17. kabil-e tareef! Oun ki shayiri hi oun ki pehechaan hain, issi ke zaryé woh aaj bhi zinda hain…

  18. yeh Shayri aap ki zindgi ko ek naam deti hai.yeh Jab bhi me padhta hu, to haqiqat me kuch yaad aata hai…..maasha allah.

  19. a superb man with his superb poety

  20. a superb man with his superb poetry

  21. In my views, he is the great poet indeed and a good poet never dies because his poetry sustains his name in the world such kind of situation is with mohani. i being a student of M.A. English literature confess that mohani’s one ghazal is equal to all the romantic poetry of romantic poets of west. The ghazal is “chupke chupke raat din aansu bahana yaad hai”. I’m very much impressed by this romantic ghazal.

  22. I love maulana Hasrat Mohani for the man he was, he may be a good poet, but he was the tallest in character and manhood among the pygmies of his days and of today. I love this man from the depth of my heart and pray to Almighty Allah to reward him in paradise. He is my hero and i keep his portrait always before me. What a child like innocent face he had with a steely noble character.

  23. Bekhood beqaraar magar muhazzib ghazal

  24. Any one have the more written about Hasrat Mohani in urdu script.please mail me I want it.

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