Poetry on martyrs of Karbala


The mushaira ‘Shohada-e-Karbala ki yaad meN’ was organised at Amroha recently under the aegis of Bazme-e-Sajjadia.

hai pyaas baRii ki hai baRaa daryaa
ek pyaase ke hai pairoN meN paRaa daryaa
(Shafa’at Naeem)

unke lab par karbala meN Hind ka aayaa thaa naam
hinduoN ko yuuN aqiidat ho gaii Husain se
(Bhuvnesh Kumar Sharma)

Karbalaa ka vaaq’ya hai kis qadar mo’ajaz-numaa
kuchh nahiiN dekhaa magar hai saaraa manzar samne
(Zahid Nauganvi)

dekhii hai jab se surKhii-e-aKhbaar-e-Karbalaa
nazreN haiN muztarab pai-diidaar-e-Karbalaa

by Indscribe


7 Responses

  1. […] The Dutts (like in Sunit Dutt) trace their ancestry to this clan. I was reminded of this reading this post by Indian (the post has couplets in Urdu and romanized Urdu, no English translations available). unke lab par […]

  2. سبحان اللہ! شُہدائے کربلا کو پیش کرنے کے لیئے کیا ہی مناسب گلدسئتہ عقیدت ہے۔ مولا سلامت رکھے۔۔۔

  3. hello, it is so so good, u should keep it up,Allah will help u all time in troubles, because u r doing a good job for tuth and faith, u follow to true denizens, thanks,
    Haider Ali Awan Gujranwala, Pakistan

  4. I was followed to this site by a link from blog-bharti regarding dutt(karbala and hind). First i would like to say “jazakallah” to the people runnin this site. I also have collected articles, opinions and poems etc by many famous people on my forum http://www.karbala.forumotion.com, feel free to visit its an open forum.
    In particular i have posted a poem by Miss Sarojini Naidu, a poem called “Naam-e-hussain lo” by Josh, english translated “marsias” by Mir anis…..
    I keep on adding new articles whenever i get some time off from my studies.

    you can email me at nadeemhassanmir@gmail.com

    Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” – Winston churchill

    Imam Hussayn (AS) said in the day of Ashura: “If you do not have any religion, then at least be free (open-minded) in your present life.”

    The Prophet (PBUH&HF) embraced him and said: My beloved Hussayn, I foresee you when you will be, in the very near future, covered with your blood, slain at the land of Karbala, while thirsty, being deprived of water. This will be done to you by people who claim that they are from my followers (al-Tabari).

  5. i like him…………slaam ya Hussain a.s

  6. its awesome i lv Ehlebait A.S

  7. i love Ehlebait a.s

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