Campaign for Urdu signboards in Mumbai

The campaign to put up signboards in Urdu that has set off in Mumbai. It’s been quite long since we last heard of such a drive from anywhere in India.

The Qaumi Majlis-e-Shoora (QMS) has started the ‘Urdu tehreek’ and nameplates written in Urdu have been put up again. The drive has started from Bhindi Bazaar and will soon spread to other parts of the metropolis and later to state.

The recent incident in which the Urdu nameplate of leader of the Samajwadi Party councillors (corporators) group in BMC was removed by Shiv Sena, seems to have jolted the Urdu-speaking populace.

The fact is that Urdu is one of the official languages of Indian republic and ought to be given its rightful place along with other languages. Over 2.5 million (25 lakh) people speak Urdu in Bombay alone. Organisations in other cities across the country must also take the lead and emulate QMS. Every Urdu-speaker must ensure that at least his nameplate would be in Urdu and the shop will have Urdu signpost.


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