Meer un neembaaz aankhoN men sari masti sharaab ki si hai: Meer Taqi Meer

That’s Meer’s famous ghazal.


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  1. Main hindi me haasya kavi hoon aur urdu seekhna chaahta hoon. Summe me behtar lagti hai par samajh nahin aati.

  2. September 19th, 2006 at 8:41 pm
    Urdu Media War and the Wakf properties tussle in Hyd ; MiM Leader Akbaruddin Owaisi
    (Friday, Dec 09, 2005 – 09:00 pm) TeamMedia war among Urdu dailies was taken to Assembly in Hyderabad, when MIM floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi accused Siasat and Munsif Urdu daily owners of grabbing Wakf properties and demanded stern action against them.Mr Owaisi armed with statistics and details of all Waqf Lands which are being encroached upon said govt is going soft on these editors as they are trying to threaten the govt through there newspapers .In the same breath he also alleged that no action was taken against grabbers of Wakf properties in city and outside including Viceroy Hotel, Shaam and Sensation theatres, local reports inform. Turning his ire on owners of rival Urdu dailies, Siasat and Musif, he said, “Mr Zahid Ali Khan has illegally encroached Wakf property. He is a white collar land grabber. Why is the government keeping quite? You should put them behind bars.” Shifting his heat on another Urdu daily Munsif owner, he remarked, “Mr Khan Lateef Khan…the double Khan.. too has encroached Wakf properties housing Santosh and Sapna theatres, yet no action has been taken. The government should take stringent action against encroachers of Wakf properties,” he alleged. Reacting to Mr Owaisi’s demand, minister for minorities welfare Mohd Fareeduddin assured that the government would enquire into the matter and would not “spare anyone however big he might be.” Referring to allotment of land to one Tajuddin, he said the land was given on a lease for three years for agricultural purposes and the renewal would depend on the government He also accused them of trying to cover there illegal grabbing of land by bribing some high officals in the govt .

  3. jaate jaate mughe tanha na kerna,
    meri kafan mein tasveer apni chhupa dena,
    meri muhhobat kaa kuch to sila dena,
    hum mer gaye to humari ruh ko dua dena,

    hum mer gaye to hamari ruh ko dua dena,
    meri yad mein ek shama jala dena,
    jal jaenge log jannat mein bhi humse,
    meri kabra pe jara muskura dena…

  4. wafa thi, mehr thi, ikhlas tha, talatuf tha,,,,
    Kaboo mizaj mai es k tasaruf ta……


  5. sarhaane meer ke aahista bolo

  6. i have visited the site first time wonderful collection of classical poetry. dil khush ho gaya.
    serwat khan

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