Labourer-poet Ahsan Danish’s nazm


Ahsaan (Ehsaan) Danish is the most unique poet in history of Urdu poetry because he was a labourer, a mazdoor. He crushed stones for years but had a manic passion to learn and read whatever was available. Ahsaan Daanish’s poetry represents the struggle of a worker and is considered an important poet in Urdu literature.


3 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I do not understand Urdu much but i am a HUGE fan of ghazals. Recently had the pleasure of listening to Mehdi Hassan’s Na Siyo Hont. This kind of information that you have written here is so valuable and informative for people like me who are Urdu/ghazal fans. Very little information is available on the Net about Ehsaan Daanish. Please post more information if you know more.

  2. I’ve heard his Na Siyo Honth sung by Mehdi Hassan, but first time came to know more about him. Very impressive. Will be thankful if get to know meaning of Siyo.

  3. Sina is stitching. Na siyo…don’t stitch your lips ie. don’t keep mum.

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