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Adnan (Indscribe) is an Aashiq-e-Urdu, aseer-e-zulf-e-shaa’eri. He lives in a Central Indian city but his heart is in Lucknow, the heart of Urdu World and the mango groves of Kakori. He is a perfectionist as far Urdu is concerned and his friends get irritated by his constant ‘islaah’ on words and pronunciation.

He is a sleepaholic, news freak, amateur cricket historian, self-styled expert of religious demography, Ibn-e-Safi aficionado (boasts of a collection of 220 novels some of whom he has read over 20 times), cricket statistician, dreams of living in the lost Urdu world that existed in the era of Atish, Nasikh, Insha and Mus’hafi in Northern India. Basically a daydreamer and dabbler/Jack of all kinda guy.

His favourites are Hafiz Shirazi, Nizam Rampuri, Keats, Faani, Josh, WB Yeats, Majaz Lakhnawi, Moin Ahsan Jazbi, Akhtarul Iman, Abdullah Kamaal, Abdul Ahad Saaz. His favourite books include Salahuddin Parvez’ Shinakhtnama (identity card), Qurratul Ain Haider’s Aag Ka Darya (now translated River of Fire by herself), Dastan Amir Hamza, Khushwant Singh’s Delhi, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Hundred Years of Solitude and the Peanuts, Archie comics.

Blogs at six different places and if you are not bored enough go to http://www.anndianmuslim.com. Indscribe’s net-friends are those who wish to propogate Urdu, read, write and speak uncorrupted Urdu and if you are one, he longs to befriend you. Outside blogosphere it is gham-e-rozgaar for him as well.

Do check my websites www.anindianmuslim.com
Best Nazms and Ghazals

My emails:
Email: indscribe@rediffmail.com
Email: indscribe@anindianmuslim.com


98 Responses

  1. Dear Adnan, you are really doing a commendable job. How you manage to write Hindi also?

  2. Good work my brother I am happy and satisfied seeing all this. May God bless you.

  3. Shukria Rafey Bhai.

  4. Dear Adnan, Thanks for this wonderful Blog keep it up.I thoroughly enjoyed your collection as well as your views.And I also feel that It should be a constant endeavor of an Urdu writer to be conscious about not mixing up Sanskrit words(in pure form apart from words that are already in use) in Urdu although it’s a part of Hindustani but soul of Urdu is Persian/Arabic.So Thanks once again & keep it up.

  5. i love urdu poetry .any one who are intersted to comment on ALLAMA IQBAL;s poetry …..so i am most welcome ………..

  6. Dear Adnan,
    I am from Pakistan, I am looking for my father’s great friend, a great poet in Hyderabad-India, Mr. Rehman Jami. As my father is died last year, I want to rebuild relations and strengthen ties with my roots and revive my father’s friendships.
    As I was going through net for hyderabd or Urdu poetry pages in India. I saw this site, I think U have done a wonderful work on Urdu poetry, I am proud that poetry which is loosing its status in Pakistan, is still so popular in “India”.
    Adnan, or any one reading this comment who can be of any help, please help me finding Mr. Rehman Jami, an Urdu poet in Hyderabad( India).


    Muhammad Waasim

  7. Sir,
    I have heard about him. Jami sahab. Will surely try.

  8. an urdu webmagazine with daily news updates launched on April 1,2006

  9. An Urdu web magazine with daily news updates

  10. Please see and comment on above site

  11. Azeez Adnan Sb,

    Aap beskhak mubarkbad ke mustaheq haiN, aur yaqeenan perfectionist. Aap ki tahreer meN Urdu ki ganga jamuni tahzeez ka bahut hi haseen imtezaaj hai. Aap ki website dekh kar ji khush ho jaata hai. Khuda aap ko khush rakhe.


  12. Assalam-o-Alaikum
    I have started the first URDU blog from hyderabad.
    It is in URDU script. i.e., unicode-URDU.
    plz check it at :


  13. Assalamalekum!
    Mera naam Sumayya hai . Main janana chahti hoon kya aap ke page par ham apni shairi post kar sakte hain ?
    Agar nahin to plz koi aisi site bataein !

  14. Azeezam Adnan,
    Aap sey mulaqat key pehley din sey hee main aapkey andar ki khuabeeda salahiyaton ko padhney ki koshishon main lag gaya tha, mujhe yaqeen hey key aap key andar azeem salahiyaten mojood hain Allah inhen barooekaar laaney key mawaqey ataa farmaye, Aameen.
    aapka masood uncle

  15. Jashn-e-Azadi ki 60TH Anniversery par Muzaffar Hanfi ka khoobsoorat shair

    Nakhoon sai gosht, gosht badan sai alug nahi’N
    Hum munfarid hai’N aur watan sai alug nahi’N

  16. Adab Adnaan ,
    Mein urdu padna likhna nhi janti perentu mujhe urdu bhut achi lagti hai.urdu ki shayeri mujhe bhut bhut pasand hai.
    mein urdu shikhna chahati hun urdu likhna padna.
    kya aap meri madad ker saknge?
    kya aap urdu ke basic alphabets bataayenge aur unhe ki pronunciation bhi. ya koi web site janha se mein shikh saku. kya koi Dictionary jo hindi mein ho per urdu ke words ho usme.
    plz ager aap meri madad ki jiye.

  17. REGARDS…………………………….
    I didn’t get much time to vist the web. properly ,however the content ,i read, was melony,lovely and fantastic…….
    Good work . I am more than happy seeing all this. I wish you ALL to carry on…..
    AND HOW?

  18. really fantastic…very informative and interesting site…as a urdu lover,i salute your effort.

  19. Since you’re good with Urdu, I guess you could help me out with it?

  20. Mohtram Dostoo!AA Men Layyah say Monthly “Layyah
    Times” ko regular shaea ker rha hoon. Men oun tmam
    dostoon ko khosh amdeed kaihta hoon jo “Layyah Times”
    main mujhay apni takhliqaat arsaal krain gay. Men
    apnay tmam dostoon say tawoqa rkhoon ga kh wo mujhay
    mayous nahi krain gay. “Layyah Times” kay sfhaat Aap
    kay hain.Aap apni Takhleqaat mujhay 31Jan,08 tk arsaal
    kar dain.Hum “Layyah Times” kay sfhaat main dostoon ki
    Duniya bsaaeen gay.Inshah Allaha!!!!! Muntizir Rahoon
    ga, Jamshaid Sahil Chief Editor Monthly “Layyah Times”
    Opp,ABL Chobara Road Layyah.(31200) Punjab Pakistan.

  21. Dear Adnan,
    I like the work you are doing. I live in canada and writing a notes on india urdu poets(women). Can you please get me the contact number or e-mail for urdu poet Malika Naseem.

    • Malk Atta Ullah from Jallindhar was an excellent poet. His grandson is in Pakistan, Rawalpindi. H’s a freak but I can get information for you if you want. Dr. Sakhawat Beg, also a poet, from Ajmer knew him.

  22. Hello,
    I have added a link of your Blog to my Blog.
    Best regards. Munir

  23. Assalamualiakum Adnan Bhai

    Akhir koi to utha jo Zubaan e Urdu e Mualla ki shinakht,hifazat aur ishaat ke liye is darja sanjeeda koshish kare !

    Hum sab aapke sath hain aur aapki koshish mein aapke shareek !

    Kakori merey muta’le aur tawwajoh ka hamesha se markaz hai. Bohat parha hai aur ek din ziyarat ki khwahish hai. In sha Allah

    Aap ke liye ek sher arz hai !

    Tum se to dil k paas mulaqat ho gai!!
    maiN khud ko dhooNdne hi buhat door tak gaya

    Niyaz Kesh


    Khalid Bin Umar

  24. Please sent me daily urdu news on my email address

  25. salaam bhai,
    add me as your fan.
    u are doing great work ,indain muslims want people like you who have non biased views.

    am also leaning urdu its govt correspndence diploma..and m loving ..it m also great fan of ghalib khusro daag bahdur shah zafar.etc
    well i called my self dakhani muslims i love dakhani urdu

    great work keep doing

  26. assalaam alaikum…dis is haider reading ur blog from lucknow

  27. Hello 🙂

    It is a nice blog, Would you like to add my blog in your blogroll/links

    I have added yours already.

  28. Will you please let me know the address and phone, mobile nos. of the famous Urdu poetess Malika Naseem?
    Suresh Mishra

  29. You might find the site interesting: http://openspacelucknow.blogspot.com

  30. great site buddy.


  31. I have been writing hindi poems,gazala,shers etc. and taking part in mushairas. I have published a book Kuchh khawab,kuchh hakikaten. Now I am working on my second beook’s manuscript entitled Mujhe Phir baat yaad aayee.I am looking for addresses of poets who could write a forward for my book

  32. This is first time i am looking some websites of urdu in india. so interesting. i am also poet and writer of four books and now a days living in United Kingdom. Thats really good and unforgetable work on urdu language. Many many congratulations.

  33. dear Adnan,
    today i got this sight when i was searching a site for Ibne Safi marhoom .iam a singaporean born in pakistan ,i am looking for izhar asar , ibne safi akram illah ababada whole set of books which i read when i was in school, i can pay any price for these price less and naayaab books if u can help me in any regard i ll b grateful.i am also looking for mohtaram izhar asar sahib, if he is still ok i want to meet him.if he can travel i can send him singapore return tickect to be my guest kindly help me . thanks and regards sincerely

  34. Muhtram-o Muqaddam adnaan sahib, Aadaab arzkamaal ki mehnat,jamaal ke nagheenoon ka majmooa.adab ki khidmat ka behtreen saleeqa.mubaarak.
    darwesh mureed Switzerland

  35. As salam ale koom janab Adnan sahab aap ka blog padh kar dil ko kafi sukoon mila ki urdu abhi fana nahi hui hai shukar hai aka hope aap aur likhenge .May allah give u best of the knowledge

  36. AoA, Very nice blog you have dear , i am new to blogging world And looking for some Friends . Would you like to add me in your blog roll ? Please Tell me if you are interested just leave a comment on my blog if you are interested . thanks in advance

  37. Good Work Adnan ,

  38. thanks a lot bro, thanks u so mach,
    jazak allah u khair.

  39. i am a punjabi but i love urdu.It was the language of indian unification but suffered a big setback because of partition.In a changed world now there are good chances of urdu occupying its natural space in the realm of culture.

  40. Please read my book at website urdu-nation.com

  41. Dear Friends ASA

    Please find herewith info about a new blog to unite Urdu writers worldwide at one platform to share,comment
    Suggest and exchange their experiences and to find avenues to promote Urdu language and culture.

    We congratulate all the literary circles,poets,writers,journalists and publishers who have
    Supported our idea of Urdu International blog to provide a neutral non political and non
    Racial platform to contribute their writings,poetry,articles etc for the Urdu speakers living
    Different parts of the world.
    Urdu is spoken worldwide from Vancouver to Fiji Islands ,it offers such a magnetism that no
    Other language can offer such as poetry sessions are conducted at nights where people
    Sacrifice their sleep and comfort to appreciate the magic of this unique language.
    Let us all cooperate,contribute and share our literary master pieces and make this blog a
    Milestone in the revival,promotion and publication of this blessed language.
    With best regards,

  42. I’m really impressed!!! would like to share selected work of my late grand fathar Janab Umar Moazzamabadi (aka Umkar Gorakhpuri)an Urdu poet and desciple of Hazrat Dagh Dagh Dehlvi (through correspondence!!!)

  43. U HAVE DONE A GOOD JOB TO FLOURISH URDU LANGUAGE.can i send health related articles to u so that it can come in ur website as i m a medical student of final year.

  44. Great adnan. Allah bless u! I will try to read ur blog archive when i have a PC … I m reading abou u on mobile fone.

  45. Adnan bhai,salam
    Really this is urs commendable job to run an
    informative site for urdu shayari.This site
    reflects ur honest efforts.Plz keep adding more
    poets in ur site and their works.

  46. Plz tell me whether u will add the kalam sent
    by me about various poets to ur site?

  47. world urdu literature par urdu dramay ka pat bhi nahin. ab to azaafa kardein huzor

  48. اردو کے ایک معلومات افزا بلاگ کو دیکھ کر خوشی ہو ءی

  49. I really delighted to see your site and impressive “KAWISH” work to arrange to top Shairi and top Shaier. I need your help in this regard. My father name “Mirza Haider Abbas” was a poet in Pakistan Karachi and he published many books of his own Ghazal, Mizah Shairi, Mazhabi Shairi, Salam, Qaseday, Nohey also. I need your help and encouragement to put on this matter on web sites. Please tell me if I email you selected Ghazals and other stuff so can u show on you site and related links. Thanks, at least reply me.

    • Dear Ibrar, I want to ask the date of brither and death of Late Mr. Mirza Haider Abbas for encyclopedia of literature. Kindly reply

  50. urdu if spoken makes its speaker sound a poet

  51. Dear Adnan, I really appreciate your dedicated
    efforts. But i am quite surprised that you have not mentioned Adbulla Kamal in your site. Needless to say that he was one of the best poet this generation ever had. He died last week due to cardiac arrest. So i think that we should pay a tribute to him.

  52. Ji adnan saab, mujhe koi urdu script mein site nahin mil rahi, kya aap urdu poetry , faiz ahmed faiz aur mir taqi mir , ki email urdu mein bhej sakte hain

    • @Jyotsna Sahiba: Lot of sites like urdupoint.com urdulife.com urdumanzil.com and my blog at http://www.bestghazals.blogspot.com

      @Humayun Sahab: Right. I too wanted to do a post. Unfortunately didn’t have his photo, got one yesterday. I didn’t know much about circumstances surrounding his death as well. Unfortunately such a great poet passed away but hardly any proper obituary was seen.

  53. Assalaam ‘alaikum

    You turn out to be a very interesting person. Your English writing skills are also pretty good. I am curious to know where you live.

    I wanted to ask you of a favor and I would appreciate it if you could help me. Would you be able to tell me what Urdu newspapers are popular in the regions of Tonk, Bhopal, Delhi, Lucknow, Rae Bareilly and Aligarh?

    • Naveed Sahab,

      Lucknow-Rae Bareilly have Roznama Sahara, Aag, Sahafat and Qaumi Khabrein among the major papers though there are 3-4 other dailies but they have hardly any circulation.

      Delhi has a long list of papers now. Alighar is close so they get the same papers. Bhopal has Nadeem, Urdu Action and Haq-o-Insaf. In Rajasthan, Urdu speakers get Sahara’s national edition.

      For other matters, we can talk on email. I have put my email address above and at different places on this blog.


  54. hello nana hows uuuu

  55. Dear Adnan,

    If you are interested in preserving the memories of the remaining few alive urdu poets and writers of India please get in touch with me. I am working for an organization which specializes in recording history through live interviews with people who have witnessed the past history of the indian subcontinent. We have offices in both India and Pakistan.


  56. Dear Urdu Lovers,
    Survival of Urdu in India is a miracle ,Many people
    Are pushing to eradicate the roots of this beautiful language and it is our duty to work for the promotion
    Of this International language and save the heritage
    For our future generations .Urdu is 100% Indian language it should be protected and promoted as
    Our cultural heritage not as a language of miniority
    But as a national language as Hindi and Urdu are same language with different scripts


  57. urdu is resilient, useful, many terms have no precise accurate synonymns in other languages, the premchand read in hindi literature and russian language do not have the same feel read in urdu

  58. dear friend

    let me know how to subscirbe ur blog to my name?

    عبدالعزیز عابد

  59. My encyclopedic dictionary “Farhang-e-Amir” and a dictionary for poets “Melake Shaery” will be released on Feb. 12, 2011 in Hyderabad. Is it possible for you to announce that in your web site. The dictionaries will be available on the net after January 25, 20011. Please acknowledge his email.

  60. Mohibi! urdu dunya mohabat ki dunya hai aur es mein ye khaksar b khud ko shamil e hal samjhta hai.es trah ka manch tashkeel de kar bahot hi acha kam kiya hai.


  61. Your collection of urdu poetry incomplete becase you forget grea Poet Shamsi Minai.His famous poetry is Aag,pani, haua,mitti,tajmahal,firqa parestun se do baten.
    Syed Moid Hasan

  62. Urdu Blogs par is qadr aham maloomaat faraham karna qaabil-e-sad sataaish hai. Aap jaisey sanjeeda log agar Urdu ki khidmat kartey rahey to yaqeenan Urdu ke baarey mein manfi qayaas araaiyaan baatil saabit hongi.

    Raghib Akhtar

  63. Like your love for Urdu. Please tell me have you seen Sabaq-e-Urdu in which Abbas Khan was published. Here is the stuff that was published in the special number:


    • to shirazi
      its adnan saab’s blog, i am hijacking your question to him, urdu is a motivation for me to prove my own usefulness, i live where no one speaks urdu, in a remote punjabi village for past twenty years, in the public library urdu books published in lahore then part of punjab are available, the pages crack at the first touch, shamma, biswin sadi and many more magazines my father used to read in urdu one by one were shut down, now in north india it seems i am one of those weird readers who goes out of my way reading urdu pakiza anchal and huma i subscribed directly from delhi publishers,, not a single urdu book is found on any stalls , or rail platforms, once some four years ago geeta in good urdu script in spoken dialect i found was useless

  64. adnan bro!i love urdu poetry and also write it myself. What should i do to promote my urdu language nd to b a gud poet?

  65. adnan bro! I love urdu poetry and write it myself,i wanna promote my urdu language and wana b a gud poet what shud i do?

  66. urdu is attractive , like fragrance to flowers, romance to poetry, spirituality to sufism, faith to worship, self discipline to practice, i could not stop from learning it , its so beautiful

  67. Asalamoalekum,
    Bahut intizaar ke baad bhi mohtram Shamsi Minai ka koi record aap ko nahi mila.Bahut afsoos ki baat hae.Unka ek qata hazire khidmat hae.
    Chain mil jae mere dil ko eh kiya mushkil tha
    Dil se eh baat to tone kabhi chahi hoti
    Dosti ka eh haseen khwab dikhane wale
    Duhmani tune saleeqe se nibhai hoti.

  68. Prem Warbertoni ki mashhoor Nazm Tum ne likha hae mere khat mujhe wapas ker do. bahut shandaar hae aur nayab bhi ager aap ko chahie to hamare paas puri nazm hae.

  69. riaz azam frm pakistan,,,, buhat khush huwa keh abi urdu k khidmat k ly log inshallah ha aur rahengay …. adna brother allah ap ko kamyab karey … we r with you ,

  70. Urdu ka blog dekh kar khushi hui, main urdu mein likhna chahta tha.koi madad karega kya

  71. تسلیمات

    آپ کا بلاگ آج ہی زیر نظر ہوا، آپ کا کام دیکھ کر دلی مسرت ہویٗ بلاشبہ آپ اردو زبان کی ترقی و ترویج کے لیےٗ خوب محنت کر رہے ہیں۔

    بہت دعا۔

  72. For all my brother that u can send beutiful poetries on my email id,

  73. i love to read urdu paper especially Azad Hind its my favorite paper,

    Thanx u so much

  74. I need e-mail and contact no. of Dr. Wahab Ashrafi

  75. the only urdu tv channel i can get is dd urdu

  76. to farzana naina-
    urdu zuban hi aisi hai ke dua to dua kuch bhi kahein to dua lagti hai

  77. i dont read news paers in any language , politics is already doing lots of destructive work

  78. beautiful description–kakori groves, and it paints a lovely pciture

  79. aaka kam sadqa e jaariya hai adnan sahab..

  80. u r doing a cmmndble jov Adban saheb

  81. Hi, This is a beautiful blog on urdu poets , writers and urdu lovers, a small effort , a beautiful thought , a strong platform to share notes on urdu literature , many new beginners late in life can also benefit with y, our blog

  82. Information about shamsi minai at sher-o-sukhan.blogspot.com

  83. ہم ہوئے تم ہوئے کہ میرؔ ہوئے
    اُس کی زلفوں کے سب اسیر ہوئے

    Great work Adnan bhai 🙂

  84. Assalaam waleykum i a have group on facebook,and i want u to promote my group,below is link of the group.

    Friends plz join dis group,


  85. adnän sähèb,
    ummïd hai k äpko mèrä e-mail par’hnè mèñ koi dushwäri nahiñ hui hogi.
    äp nè ab tak mèrä daryäft karda roman scrip’t mèñ urdü sms bhèjnè kä tariqa zarür pehchän liyä hogä.
    maiñ issè har-dil-azïz banänä chähtä hüñ or yehi wajah hai k maiñ apnä majmüä aè kaläm, “hasrat” or ab tak taqrïbun 600 tazmïn pè mushtamil kitäb “mèrä apnä Jo bhi moqäm hai,” ko hindi or roman lipi mèñ, wèb pè d’alnè kä k”hwähishmand hüñ.
    kyä äpki wèbsite pè, mèrè liyè, aisä ker pänä mumkin hai? az räh aè karam, jawäb dènè ki taklïf karèñ; mamnün rahüñ gä!

  86. Dear brother.Assalamua’lai kum.i want to subscribe the annual for an urdu monthly magayine PAYAM I TALIM ,Newdelhi.kindly send its address and the amount of annual subscription.thanking u.

  87. I like naushaad sahab’s urdu poems. Pls tell me any website 4 naushaad poetry

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