New Urdu magazine hits stand in India

Roshan Shama is the latest Urdu magazine launched in India. The magazine, which is in a digest form, has been priced at Rs 25.

It’s after a long time that a new social [or family] magazine in Urdu has been launched from Delhi. Though news magazines have been launched in recent past, there was no social magazine that could fill the void after Shama, Bano and Biswin Sadi stopped publication.

Shahid Siddiqui, who is known for his weekly Nai Dunia, has begun publishing Roshan Shama. It would be a rival to Pakiza Anchal. The latest issue also has a story on Pathan brothers–Irfan and Yusuf.

The fact that is not a ‘desk story’ and the writer went to the Pathan household, for the interview and a first-hand coverage, is indeed laudable. Otherwise it has become a norm to write desktop reports.

Apart from Shahid Siddiqui’s novel, there are ten short-stories, three short novels and four other long stories that will be published in parts in the coming issues.

In order to engage reader, several columns have been introduced in the digest. Historical novels and stories other than Urdu poetry and religious information fill the rest of the pages.

Unlike Huma, which often publishes Pakistani writers’ stories without even giving credit to Suspense digest and other magazines from across the border, Roshan Shama has most of the content written by Indian writers.



16 Responses

  1. healthy competition between rivals produces healthy results , unless their intentions are politically destructive based on –divide and rule , or run with the hare , hunt with the hound –policies, tolstoys, tagores, premcjands and shalespears , oscar wildes and lonfellows are world citizens read and re read in all languages besides the original , roshan shamma is welcome , but is it launched just to belittle pakistani writers and huima and pakixza anchal?

  2. Can some one please tel me address & contact number for roushan shamma magazine subsription????

  3. shama is the best i read it many times, thanks for sharing with us,

  4. I congrat Mr. shahid Siddiqui for bringing out such magazine in Urdu. I hope it may fill the gape of Shama magazine which was stopped long back due to some unavoidable reasons while it was on the top of its popularity among Urdu people of not only india but rest of the world as well.
    Now, I want to know the E-mail address of this magazine so that I can send my article and short story to publish in this, “Roshan Shama”. As far as purchasing of this magazine is concerned, i am not bothered about it because one can buy it from the same stall from where “Nai Dunya” is sold. (Perwaiz Shaharyar, NCERT, New Delhi-16)

  5. Can someone upload it in general public interest for viewers outside India as most of us has no approach tot obtain it’s hard copy.

  6. I like this magazine, and wan to read online.
    Can anyone give me online edition link?

  7. Sir, I have a good collection of self composed Ghazals and Ruba’ies and I want them to get a clear recognition and identity. so please assisst me to do lessen this restlessness.

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  9. Yesterday, My Friend told me rather casually had been reading Digest by Doctor Ayjaz Hassan Qureshi. I had heard his name and when my Friend sent me this Link
    I could not resist posting it here. I recently Read ایک قدآور شخصیت کا سفرِآخرت. Have read it again and again.
    I really like it so much this is very Informative and Attractive for me and for new Generation I suggest you to must visit this website
    You Can Also Join Urdu Digest Official Page

  10. I want roshan shama january 2012 issue,but there is no issue in mumbai so please can u give me roshan shama editor phone no,thank u

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  12. kindly send address of SHAMA MAGZINE

  13. Please I would like to order this magazine/digest for my mother. Kindly let me know how to subscribe it and where and how to send the payment for a full year. Thanks and will await an answer from you and will be very grateful for that Jazak Allah. Sincerely, Naaz Rizvi

  14. They tried to infringe the Trade name of SHAMA. It was really surprising why Mr Shahid Siddiqui who was so close to one of its editor Late Mr Ilyas Dehlvi (my father) wanted to steal the name SHAMA… Good for him that it shut down before we could take action..

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