Wrong, misspelt Urdu on Delhi signboards

Delhi is the national capital and dozens of organisations working for the cause of Urdu are present in the City but erroneous spellings and wrongly written Urdu on signboards, hurt every Urdu-knowing person.

Daily Sahafat’s journalists Ali Raza Adeel and Mohammad Ahmad Khan’s report about the disinterest of Urdu Academy and individuals towards rectifying the mistakes, highlights the issue once again. The problem is at different levels.

Lack of interest of citizens and falling standards of Urdu-knowing painters are some of the reasons behind such blunders. Bazaar becomes Bajaar and Muhiuddin becomes Moinuddin. Even worse when the board is near the mazar of Maulana Abdul Kalam Muhiuddin Azad. It’s time that Urdu anjumans and activists join hands and ensure that qualified persons are consulted and after due approval, the signboards are painted.



6 Responses

  1. Js and Zzzs are not understood by all the difference between central and shentral jesus and zesus , raja and raza , these are open visible cracks of our poorly education system, we adopt words from urdu sanskrit and other english latin terms without learning to use them properly, we speak the way we want with limited speaking ability then invent new words without meaning, these sign boards are magnified show pieces in world view

  2. Dear All,

    Please take the issue of our Indian language Urdu at each and every level… and try hard to sell the idea that Urdu is India’s true national language instead of Hindi.

  3. اردو کے لنۓ ھمیں آگے آنا ھے

  4. because urdu sign board is neccessary it should be written and taught properly, it represents a culture and epitomises history

  5. Apne jakhmon ki shikayat se bhi kya hasil hai
    sar bhi apna,Lahu apna hai pathhar apna.

    agar hum khud ke gireban mein jhank kar dekhen ki hum apne rozana ki zindagi mein urdu ka kitna istemal karte hain to hamein khud pata chal jayega ki urdu ki aaj ye halat kyun hai. kyunki jab tak ham khud urdu ko apne istemal mein nahi layenge to doosre urdu ke bare mein kyun sochenge.
    hamein agar bazaar jana ho to ham list urdu ke bajaye hindi ya aenglish mein banate hain
    Ham apne bachchon ko urdu ke bajaye hindi/english medium se padhate hain.
    apne dukan /makan pe urdu ke bajaye hindi/english mein name plate likhwate hain.

    • urdu bahut hi khoobsoorat zuban hai, bolne mein, sun ne mein, dekhne mein aur samajh mein, is ki paidaish hindustan hi mein hui aur is ki khushbu poori dunya mein phail gayi,

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