Campaign for Urdu nameplates, signboards in UP

The Urdu Development Organisation (UDO) deserves to be congratulated for its ongoing campaign to urge citizens to put up Urdu nameplates at their homes.

The effort at the ground level is laudable. In Muzaffar Nagar, UDO’s district unit is leading the drive in municipal wards. Nameplates were installed at the residences of several Muslim officials and prominent personalities.

UDO’s district chief Kalim Tyagi, members of the organisation and representatives of Urdu organisation, were part of the drive. Some citizens apologised for not getting their names writen in Urdu script and promised to get Urdu nameplates put up at the earliest.

The campaign is also urging people to get Urdu signboards pained and installed at private establishments, offices and shops. This will also open employment opportunities to Urdu painters.

UDO is the rare organisation that takes its work for promoting Urdu to the streets. It’s time that UDO spreads its wings and open its branches in other states of the country to promote Urdu at the grassroots.

For those who are not aware, UDO which is based in Allahabad has been fighting for Urdu for many years. It has taken legal action and has won several court cases for the language in Uttar Pradesh.

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2 Responses

  1. The Urdu Development Organisation is silent on the faulty format of Census -2011 from which the columns of Mother tongue &Religion have been deleted by the Home Ministry and there will be no data available for Urdu speaking population and also there will be no counting of minority population on and from 2011, Pl. be aware and do something before the census is over.We are going to lose a great deal.

  2. will some one ask Indian Railways to write correct urdu and nice urdu scripts of the platform names?

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