Sabaq-e-Urdu: Literary magazine revives Shab-e-Khoon era

It was a pleasant surprise to see Sabaq-e-Urdu, a new literary magazine, hitting the stands. The monthly revives the memories of SR Faruqi’s Shab Khoon.

In fact, when I initially flipped the pages, the printing and fonts gave me a feeling that I was reading Shab Khoon. Editor Danish Allahabadi and his companion Riyaz Ahmad must be congratulated for the publication.

Apart from the usual treat of ghazals and nazms, Mohammad Zakariya Virk’s three exhaustive articles about role of Muslims in Europe’s renaissance, eminent Muslim scientists of yore and 42 historials of Al-Andalus are hallmark of the issue.

Majaz’ nazm Aawara has a universal appeal and Mohammd Salim has put an effort in translation. Though I personally prefer KC Kanda’s ‘What to do O aching heart, What to do O frenzy wild’ for ‘Aye gham-e-dil kya karuuN, aye vahshat-e-dil kyaa karuuN’.

Sabaq-e-Urdu has its head office in Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh and is printed at Allahabad. Faruqi is the patron of the magazine. The magazine costs a mere Rs 25.

Send a cheque or draft to Sabaq-e-Urdu at Sabaq-e-Urdu, Gopiganj, Bhadohi (UP) 221303. The annual subscription is Rs 250 for twelve issues of the magazine.



4 Responses

  1. Apni tmannaon ko apny liye jail na bnao

  2. Do not built a cell for ur self to aproching ur desires

  3. good

  4. ye meri khushkismati hai k sabaqe urdu k shumara number 31 main mera ek afsana b shamil hai.

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