Eminent Urdu poet Mazhar Imam’s literary journey

rashk karte haiN jeetne vaale
hamne is taraH maat khaaii hai
[Mazhar Imam]

Here is a selection of some of the couplets of eminent Poet Mazhar Imam:

Mazhar Imam's Urdu coupletsRenowned poet Mazhar Imam has been one of the leading Urdu poets of the sub-continent for over half-a-century.

He was born in 1928 in Bihar’s Darbhanga district. His father Syed Amir Ali was a post master. Imam did his post-graduation in Urdu and Persian before going to Pune for diploma from TV and Film Institute.

In 1951, he joined a daily newspaper Karvaan that was published from Kolkata (then Calcutta). He remained jobless for sometime before he became a schoolteacher for Rs 60 per month. Later he joined All India Radio and remained associated for over three decades. Mazhar Imam is considered the founder of Azad Ghazal genre in Urdu poetry.



3 Responses

  1. mazhar imam ne waquayee
    lafzon ko quaba dee hai
    hoton ko nawa dee hai
    W B Yeats ne kaha tha a pne aap se jang shaaeri ko janam deti hai mazhar imam ki
    ki shaeri mein yahi cheez takhliquee iztarab ki surat mein izhar paati hai jiske nateeje mein jazba o aagahi ka ek naya manzarnaama saamne aata hai au r fikr o ehsaas nayee manzilon se rushanaas karata hai jawed hayat

  2. Mazhar Imam’s is very good poet.

  3. waquayee kasmeer ki ghazlon pe ehsan isi ka hai

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