Indian Muslims, Urdu and Communalism

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt

Renowned filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has appealed to the citizens to join hands to restore Urdu to its rightful place in India.

Recalling that his mother Shireen was a Shia Muslim who was married to a secular Hindu Brahmin, she had to hide her religion because she didn’t want her children to suffer and face communalism or develop comlex personalities, he writes in an emotional article in The Hindu.

He recounts how his father made Bollywood movies that had dialogues in Urdu but had shouted when he heard All India Radio’s Urdu service programmes on radio in the house.

Mahesh says that his father had termed it Pakistani radio and she meekly turned off the radio. Though she often visited Majlis, she raised Mahesh as a Hindu and told him stories about Hindu mythology.

It was later when he grew up, did he realised that he had a Muslim legacy which he needed to sport proudly. Mahesh Bhatt is sad that the state doesn’t promote learning of Urdu.

After the amendment of constitution, it is the duty of the government to ensure teaching the language at primary and secondary level.

He urges citizens to fight for the rights of Urdu populace. ‘It is the fundamental right of every Urdu speaking child to get education in his mother tongue and all Urdu lovers must force the government to act urgently.

Read the passionate plea of Mahesh Bhatt

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