Demise of Urdu poets Rafat Sarosh, Fiza Ibn Faizi and other eminent writers

Recently two important Urdu poets, Rafat Sarosh and Fiza Ibn Faizi passed away.

Sarosh, who was born on April 8, 1924, in Nagina town in Bijnore district of Uttar Pradesh. He had spent long years of his professional life with the All India Radio (AIR).

He was 84. Sarosh’s auto-biographical work is considered an important literary masterpiece and gives us a peep into the life of writers of his generation. He passed away on November 30, 2008 and with him anothe pillar of Urdu poetry has fallen.

Another veteran poet Fiza Ibn Faizi passed away in January 2009. He 86. Faizi was a native of Maunath Bhanjan (Mau) district of Uttar Pradesh (UP).

He was considered a ‘qadir-ul-kalaam’ poet and had received numerous awards from across the Urdu world. At least, six poetry collections of Faizi had been published and acclaimed.

Last year several renowned poets like Hafiz Banarasi ( 1933-2008), Ahmad Faraz (1933-2008) and Saghar Nizami had left for heavenly abode.


4 Responses

  1. Please Send me about Demise of Urdu poets Rafat Sarosh, Fiza Ibn Faizi and other eminent writers…..

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  3. I don’t know much about rafat sarosh.. but Fiza Ibn Faizi — an eminent personality of my city was great poet. Really it is a loss for Urdu literature. may thier soul rest in peace

  4. May God bless their Souls. Its truelly a great loss to compensate.

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