Renowned Urdu poet Adil Mansuri is no more

adil-mansuris-photoAdil Mansuri, the leading Urdu poet, passed away in America recently. He was the most promient of modernist poets along side Zafar Iqbal, Nida Fazli, Mohammad Alvi and Ameeq Hanafi.

He was 72. Mansuri is survived by his wife and five children. He was born in Ahmedabad in 1936. Though his mother tongue was Gujarati, Mansuri learnt Urdu in Pakistan after the family migrated there soon after partition.

But a few years later Mansuri’s father decided to come back to India. Adil Mansuri went on to become the master of surrealism and a poet of repute in both the genres–Nazm and Ghazal.

He also penned poetry in Gujarati. Renonwed critic and author Shamsur Rahman Faruqi says that Mansuri’s ghazal was different in the sense that the poet steered the ghazal from a delicate to direct approach.

The late poet was also a calligrapher par excellence. He had settled in New Jersey where he passed away. Read his ghazal in Urdu, Hindi and English scripts at Best Ghazals. [Photograph: Courtesy]


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