Urdu Poetry: 200 Ghazals and Nazms

Urdu poetry transcends geographical boundaries and is understood and loved by millions who can’t read a word written in Urdu script. I am happy that my other blog now has a collection of 200 selected ghazals and Nazms, each in Urdu, Hindi and Roman English scripts, for the benefit of readers. Read.

Due to the linguistic politics, Urdu unfortunately got identified as a language of Muslims in India, and the script of the langauge suffered as a result. However, the poetry remained as popular as it was in the past.

When you intend to put the gems of Urdu poetry on the web, you can’t ignore that a vast majority of readers can’t read Urdu script (especially Indians). While Roman script was used for writing Urdu even in Indian Army, it has certain restrictions.

Though devanagari script is quite scientific, it also has some limitations. When I started blogging I aimed at publishing the best of Urdu poetry. I soon learnt that one has to use all the three scripts as most of the readers understand Roman but are not too comfortable with the transliteration.

So I decided to write each ghazal or Nazm in English, Urdu and Hindi scripts. Roman and Hindi supplement each other. For example, if a person can’t understand a word in Roman, he can read it in devanagari and be able to pronounce it clearly.

Of course, those who can read Urdu, will have no problem. But they will also get help in pronounciation of difficult or confusing words by reading the Roman text. The result is that now there are over 200 Ghazals and Nazms which you can read at this website. Click

From classical masters like Mir, Ghalib, Momin, Dard and Dagh to progressive poets and the modernist stream, we have tried to incorporate the best verses of each generation.

Nazms are often neglected but on this site you will get to read poetry of Akhtarul Iman, Faiz, Majaz, Ibn-e-Insha, Sahir, Nida and many others. The number of posts is now well over 200 and it will keep growing.

The beauty of Urdu poetry, especially ghazal, lies in the fact that though it has at least five to six couplets, each couplet can be separately used and quoted. The quotability makes Urdu poetry unique and the ‘sher’ reverberate from pan kiosks to parliament of India.

Click to read Urdu poetry.

By Indscribe [www.anindianmuslim.com]

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  4. please namaz perdey is se pehley k aap ki namaz
    pardi jay

  5. Above is the nice post about urdu poetry.The ghazals and nazms are written in transliterated Urdu (Urdu written in the English script).There are also lists of Urdu poetry readings and events around the world, news about poets, publications and poetry competitions, and links to other sites of interest to poets and scholars.

  6. Nice post indeed… Thanks for sharing

  7. Hi , Very nice collection, Here is a contribution from my side. You can read more Urdu Poetry from here

    Thank you ,

  8. sir i am very glad to know that there is one jounaral on urdu, i want to publish my litrature like ghazal and some new research so what i have to do?

  9. خدا کرے میری ارض پاک پر اُترے
    وہ فصل گُل جسے اندیشئہ زوال نہ ہو
    خدا کرے کہ میرے اک بھی ہم وطن کیلئے
    حیات جُرم نہ ہو زندگی وبال نہ ہو

  10. The script of urdu is artistic, everyone who can read and write in it can be a poet philosopher and a romantic

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  12. For past many years i have enjoyed reading shamma, biswin sadi, Huma and pakeeza anchal, the two former monthly magzines have shut down unfortunately, but luckily i have just pakeeza anchal and huma urdu digest to give me my mental tonic , staying home with them seems the world is at my doorstep, eagerly waiting , desparately for july pakeeza anchal ghazala siddiqui ji

  13. sir aap ki web. urdu ki jo khidmat kar rahi is ki jitni tareef ki jaey kam hai.

  14. دیا یونہی کوئی جلتا نہیں
    ہمارا درد بے مایہ نہیں
    ہے المیہ ہمارے دور کا
    وہ سب میں ہے مگر زندہ نہیں
    تھی جس سے پتلیوں میں رہشنی
    وہ عکس خواب لہراتا نہیں
    پہر آٹھوں یہ ہے کس کا خیال
    یہ کیسا نقش دھندلاتا نہیں
    وہ کیا دن تھے مرے ساجد حمید
    ہوا پر زور اب چلتا نہیں

  15. Har roz ham udas hote hain aur shaam guzar jati hai

    Kisi roz shaam udas ho gi aur ham guzar jaen ge

  16. You have really nice blog, keep posting

  17. I am sosoosos happy to come across this blog. THANKS SO MUCH.

  18. Hi every one recently a very much know & popular poet Qadeer Ansari has expired & there was no posting about him on this web site… can u please anyone can tell me how to contact these people & upload the information about him ,,,



    Dasht-e-hijran me naa saya naa sada tere baad,
    Kitne tanha hain tere aabilaa-paa tere baad,

    Koi paigaam naa dildar nuwa tere baad,
    Khak uraati hui guzri hai saba tere baad,

    Lab pe ik harf-e-talab tha, naa raha tere baad,
    Dil mein taaseer ki khuwahish, naa dua tere baad,

    Aks-o-aaina me ab rabt ho kiya tere baad,
    Hum to phirte hain khud apne se khafa tere baad,

    Dhop aariz ki naa zulfon ki ghata tere baad,
    Hijar ki rut hai k majlis ki fiza tere baad,

    Liye phirti hai sar-e-ko-e-jafa tere baad,
    Parcham-e-taar-e-grebaan ko hua tere baad,

    Peerhan apna salamat naa quba tere baad,
    Bus wohi sehra ki rida tere baad,

    Nikaht-o-nee hai te dast-e-qaza tere baad,
    Shakh-e-jaan par koi gunza naa khila tere baad,

    Dil naa mehtab se uljhaa naa jala tere baad,
    Eak jugno tha ke chup chaap bujha tere baad,

    Kon rangon ke bhanwar? kesi hina tere baad?,
    Apna khoon apni hatheli pe saja tere baad,

    Dard seene me hua noha sira tere baad,
    Dil ki dharkan hai ke matam ki sada tere baad,

    Eak hum hain ke hain be-barg-o-nuwa tere baad,
    Warna aabad hai sab khalq-e-KHUDA tere baad,

    Ik qayamat ki khrashen mere chehre pe sajen,
    Eak mehshar mere andar se utha tere baad,

    Tujh se bichra hon to murjha ke hua burd hua,
    Kon deta mujhe khilne ki DUA tere baad,

    Ae falak naaz meri khak nishani teri,
    Mene mitti pe tera naam likha tere baad,

    Tou ke simta to rag-o-jaan ki hadon me simta,
    Mein ke bikhra to sameta naa gaya tere baad,

    Milne wale kai mafhoom pehen kar aae,
    Koi chehra bhi naa aankhon ne parha tere baad,

    Bujhte jate hain khud-o-khal, manaazir, aafaq!
    Phelta jata hai khuwahish ka khila tere baad,

    Ye alag baat ke afsha naa hua tou warna,
    Mene kitna tujhe mehsos kiya tere baad,

    Meri dukhti hui aankhon se gawahi lena,
    Mene socha tujhe apne se sawa tere baad,

    Seh liya dil ne tere baad malamat ka azaab,
    Warna chubti hai rag-o-jaan me hawa tere baad,

    Jan-e-“MOHSIN” mera hasil yehi mubham sitreen!
    Shair kehne ka hunar bhool gaya tere baad……..!!!

  20. Dil bhi cheer sakte hain, daaman ki kiya auqaat hai…??

    Tou zauq-e-tamaasha paida kar, hum roz tamasha karenge…..!!

  21. Please visit this page for various hindi/urdu ghazals! I am sure you will enjoy reading them as much as I do:


  22. Mehez choti si pareshaani hain
    Khaas koi maslaa nahin,
    Kuchh bamb gire hain shehar mein
    Bada koi khatra nahin

    Koi yateem hua hain
    Kisi ki maang ujhdi hain,
    Kai zakhmi hain aspatalon mein
    Kai bastiyan bhi bhikri hain

    Jaan bachaate, chupte chupate
    Kai saanson ne dam toda hain,
    Mein poochti hoon aakhir
    Is shehar ko kisne kabristan bana ke chorra hain

    Saasein bahut tez hain …
    Ruh ghabra uthi hain,
    Dharti rusvaa hain
    Uski izzat joh luti hain

    Khala bandi ka hukam karwa do ab
    Wajood chalni ho gayi hain,
    Aur woh umeedian aman ki …
    Issi kabristan mein so gayi hain

    ~ Rruh

    Rruh is the pen name of Ruchhita Kazaria.

    • itssss really touching ruchhitaaa….it is more than mere words it has power to creat the real picture of words describe by you…i just loved the creation…

  23. Joh pyasi hui toh gehri meri
    yeh udasi hui,

    Zindagi mein hai tUm bin yeh
    Viraniyaa yeh Viraniyaa……

  24. Title: Anjaam

    Jaate jaate ek ilzaam hi dete jao
    Is rishte ko lekin … koi naam toh dete jao,
    Rruh se rruh ka rishta puraana tha
    Is rishte ko ek anjaam toh dete jao

    ~ Rruh
    Rruh is the pen name of Ruchhita Kazaria

  25. Can I post my urdü verses in dèvnägrï as well as Roman script here?
    Will b grateful,4d reply!
    Anticipatory THANKS!!

  26. kuch gazalen bahut hi achi lagi
    excellent work

  27. Ishq ko le chal yaa rab to jahan ke us par
    Ishq ke sitamghar yaha or bhi bahot hai
    Le chal use hamri tanhayon ke sath ya rab
    Yaha ishq ke qadardan wese hi kam hai
    Chale the jannat banana duniya main ya rab
    Wo ek insane hai,uska takaza or kya hoga?
    Tang-dshtiyan dil ki,gandagiya jaat ki
    Chah ke bhi ‘chahta’kisi ko to bhi kaise
    Nishto-nabud kar di fizaen is hasin qaynat ki
    Yahi to insaan hai is ka alam or kya hota
    Pareshaniya jelti kab tak upper nafrto ke paharo ko
    Jab bunyade ishq hi nahi to astan-e-dil kya chiz ?

  28. Ghar tu ishq-se mamur ho jaye to insan ban jaye
    Tu ghafil hi na rahe to ye halat bhi savar jaye

    Kuch pane ki ummid main ulje rehte hai din-o-rat,
    kash len-den ka yeh revaz hi khatam ho jaye to…

    fuzul baton main Ulje rehna din-rat kya hi akalmandi hai
    ghar tu itna ghertmand na rahe to bat ban jaye

    Rah-e-ishq pe babasta hone ka khwab to har koi dekhata hai
    Ghar ek ka nishan bhi sahi lag jaye to kya hi khub ho jaye

    Duniya ke rango alam main koi khoya hi na rahe
    Mitti ke ranjo ghame main koi duba hi na rahe

    Alfaz-e-dard tere zuba tak na aaye
    Rona kya hai tere khayal se hi guzar jaye

    Khud khuda ko bhi naaz ho ‘ikram’ apni is kaynat pe
    Ghar har koi shokh se ghumne lage ishq ke is makam pe..

  29. tammanah nahi aye jindagi tera sath nibhane ki bas arjoo itni hai tujhse milo dur jane ki

  30. hi

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