Bashir Badr, an embarrassment for Urdu fraternity

Basheer Badar Urdu poet

Bashir Badr

Bashir Badr, a fine poet, has lately become an embarrassment for the entire Urdu fraternity.

His excessive bragging and boastful statements suggest that he is bordering megalomania.

In a recent interview published in a prominent Hindi daily newspaper, Badr, said that if Mir and Ghalib were alive even they would be jealous of his popularity. Though the interviewer didn’t ask him, he repeatedly said that he owns plush house that has over ten rooms on both the floors.

Badr is the Chairman of Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy and got the post due to sycophantic ways. When asked why the Academy has stopped publishing books and helping writers who are living in penury, he said that he was not aware of that.

When he was asked that a veteran poet like Raza Rampuri is seriously ill and needs financial support but why the Academy wasn’t bothered, Badar didn’t care to answer. Flying off at a tangent, Badr said that he considerd Atal Bihari Vajpayee as his father.

He kept on saying things like, “I make lot of money, earn thousands for a single couplet” and that he is “the last poet in the line of great poets of Urdu that is a language borne out of Sanskrit”.

Ironically, Badr has been sycophantic to such an extent that he once famously said that he can even clean the floor of the BJP office. It was in return that he was offered the post of Urdu Academy chairman.

In interviews, he keeps on stressing that there is no photograph of his father in his house but Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s photographs are present in every room.

During his tenure the MP Urdu Academy has stopped all work. There are few function, hardly any seminars, no campaigns for Urdu or efforts to appoint Urdu teachers, except a couple of mushairas every year.

No doubt, Bashir Badr is a fine poet. His collections of poetry have earned him name and fame. But he is neither the most representative poet of his era, nor a poet of stature of Shaharyar and Ahmad Faraz, let alone Ali Sardar Jafri, Majrooh, Kaifi Azmi or Janisar Akhtar.

However, his statements claiming that he is better than Ghalib and Meer, have hurt his image. Publicly and even among poetic fraternity he is now looked down upon. Many of his couplets are said to be work of old masters with lesser fame which he allegedly changed to suit his needs.

The literary societies who used to invite him for mushairas, stopped inviting him because of his demand for more fee. He also used to force them to send two tickets so that he could take his wife along.

Still, despite all these allegations and controversies, he was considered a fairly good poet. But in the last couple of years, his growing megalomania had made him almost a pariah in Urdu poetry circles.

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23 Responses

  1. I am not surprised by the observations made in this post, on the contrary I am surprised to note that you actualy spent so much of time on a hoax like Bashir Badr! A fake of the first order, wanting to establish himself as a poet is a complete unnecessary member of the society and should not find mention anywhere. Considering him ‘fine poet’ is being derogatory to Urdu language and Urdu literature.

  2. Absolutely a headless man and a poet of ordinary calibre may be with growing age he is going out of mind, pity upon him simply finding grounds of popularity.A true schycophant without moral, simlply comparing himself with all time great poets reflects his personality.He is a version of poverty searching for popularity.

  3. we have to believe that Bashir Badr is one of the best poet in Urdu world. There is no dought that he can easily be campair with Galib and Mir. He is very honest and innocent poet. Dont know why few lobby didnt want him to get recognised incamparism with Galib and Mir. Might due to his old age he speaks little over to the subject but one cant say that he is headless man or fake. Please do remember he is the finest poet of all times.

  4. Very Nice Excellent Blog & Collection.

  5. I met him last week in Bhopal at Kohe Fiza in his home.

    Though he is strong supporter of BJP, i think we should not see his wrong toughts instead we should see quality of his Shayeri.
    M Abbas

    • @ M Abbas…..please get your facts right….he doesn’t live in Kohe Fiza……I can imagine how u met him at his house…

  6. bashir badr wo shaks jo baykarion aur miskino
    ki tara audience say daad ki bheek mangta hay
    wo apnay aap ko meer o ghalib ka hum pulla
    samjhta hay..kiya ye latifa hay hanso
    ye bashir badr ki baywaqoofi per ro loun

  7. Visit Bashir Badr’s performance at Karachi at . His India Bashing is a very good example of treason. Why not do it on his own home turf. His own utterances smack of religious intolerance or a hidden attempt to please likeminded people in Pakistan. India is proud of Muslims like Abdul Hamid to APJ it is not dependent on a certificate from Bashir Sahib. I am saddened by his irresponsible utterances about his own motherland (which I doubt if he really believes. Very Sad Indeed.

    • Yes, I also watched that video. May be , he was hurt, as probably, his house was burnt at Meerut during that time when he bashed India in that mushiara at Karachi. However, he is probably a bit boastful but a good poet, whose poetry is quite popular. My intention here is not to hurt any one to state the truth, as I know it. I may be wrong, due to my inherent limitations.

  8. yeh dhoop chaaoun ka khel hai yahan khizaan baha ki ghaat mein hai
    jo naseeb e subh e orrooj ho toh nzr mein shaame zawaal rakhna bashir badar got the name and fame but the name and fame was up to his personality and considering him as a phyco he got his poetry rise at the time of bjp so he was a strong supporter of it but till nw he lost his image by supporting bjp

    • I think Poetry and Politics are both like East and West in their existence. Regardless of Dr. Badr Political concern with BJP or any other, we should come up with his poetic expressions, deep observation and marvelous representation of various realm of life and the world. We would be left with no argument over his psychological condition if we had read his poems.

  9. what is life mean?in world

  10. Bashir Badr is undoubtedly a top Urdu poet . He has a place of pride in Urdu poetry. His boastful and flattering utterances,if true, are unfortunate. But a man who has served the Urdu world and has been the life of mushairas for decades should not be written off with so ease.Let us hope that he does not hurt the feelings of his fans any more.

  11. No doubt Bashir barda is very famous poet but we always remember that mer and galib is one can be compaired with galib.
    I suggest to all galib freids to forgive bashir.

  12. Iknow Basheer since the early days when he used to sit beside me in the Maulana Azaad LIBRARY, did such a nice companion of mIine ,can be boastful or supporter of the fascist party like BJP?IT IS UNBLIEVABLE.If it is true, then I would like to qoute his own couplet:

    Shohrat ki bulandi bhi ektarfa tamasha hai,
    Jis daal pe baitho ho woh toot bhi sakti hai

    He gained popularity in mushairas because of the singing style of ghazals and immitating ,even copying the poetry of Shamim Karhani and Nushoor Wahidi


  13. No matter how good is he doing now or in past, but he or anyone uptill has not reached the position of getting himself compared to ghalib. I am deeply hurted by his acts which drowned urdu language’s image.

  14. my late father always said that one should give value to any artistes performance and not his or her personal life or looks .
    why should we not stick to this simple rule and judge him by his performance in his chosen field and if you have tracked him well he is one of the tourch bearer in the fast fading urdu life.


  15. wel my self aejaz ahmad..or final yr maine bashir sahab ko bahut suna hai…or main unko apna ideal bhi maanta tha..jab main class 5th main tha to pehli baar un se mulaqat hui thi..lekin ub main ye sochne pe majboor hu k mahaz popularity,taraqi hasil karne k liye koi aadmi itna gir sakta hai…or agar wo waqai mir or galib se behtar hai to public ko bolne ka mauqa de na k khud chillae….

  16. beshaq gaalib aur meer agar is waqt zinda hote to bashir sahab se jalte…aur jo tum log ye waahiyaat comment kar rahe ho bashir sahab ke bare m to pehle unhe achhi tarah mat dekho ki wo kis party ko suuport karte h dekho ki wo kete h ki aao tum b mere sath ye dua karo ki yun kisi ke haq m bura na ho..

  17. BASHIR BADR , IS an admirable one, writing difficult things in simple manner is his forte, which very few can match. just because he is suffering from a disease, and supporting an ideology,contrary to muslims,by praising atal bihari of BJP, so arise the need to condemn him speaks of narrow mentality and a biased mindset. read his works,and if you don’t get mesmerized,then remark whatever you wish.
    every man is different with different personality,his own uniqeness gives him individuality,so be it ghalib, mir, faiz or badr. why to compare
    enjoy the talent ,appreciate the novelty, afterall life is too small to hate and debase others,,

  18. Dr Bsheer Badar sahib ik Azeem shaher hai.

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