Dr Aafia Siddiqui: The screams of prisoner number 650

Read this post in Urdu. It is an excerpt from Ahmed Javed’s article that was published in Hindustan Express Urdu daily recently. The text may be a bit taxing for your eyes but do read it. The plight of Dr Aafia Siddiqui and the criminal silence of the society that remained almost indifferent to her, is shocking by any means. Though there are voices now and Pakistanis seem to have woken up to the tragedy but there is no anger visible on the street as yet.



17 Responses

  1. What can I say more than this that Musharraf and Bush are the biggest “Harammies” ever born in this world.

  2. you are right same incident came in my mind when i read about great lady Aafia Sadique. But i m very sorry i cant do any thing to help him. and i m feeling not only our army but all our media is also dead deep beghairet. because they never made any protest for her.

  3. Just see the acts of a nation which claims to be the best. They teach others, lessons of Democracy, Justice, Human Rights, etc; yet they kept Dr. Aafia behind bars without any trial under law in any court of justice. They shall be ashamed of their brutality and injustice. The criminal silence of the society is shocking by all means.
    All those who honour and believe in human rights and dignity of mankind must protest over ill-treatment, torture on a woman and unlawful detention of Dr. Aafia.

  4. i have no words.
    May Allah help Muslim Ummah.

  5. this 100 percent true that lady has some link with alqaida.we should remove bandage from our eyes. i live in usa 30 years, never had any problem. she is not innocent , sorry to say that

    • Sorry bro we have lost 6 millions our people including new born babies
      and ladies in war against terrorism (Islam) this is the biggest lost of any nation in history of earth can you please tell me Dr Afia (45 kg ) can snatch M16 rifle from trained US soldier and Fire on them
      Ha ha sooo funny
      we also sell life of our citizen against Dollars (Drone attacks)

    • soryy to say ulmas kashmire i are just so called
      muslim … Just imagine your mother sister and wife
      in place of Dr Afia naked, sexuall abused and
      tortured daily for last so many year and then tell
      all of us who are in favour of her if thats ok
      to be see YOUR MOTHER SISTER AND WIFE in that
      situation … You are a peace of shit and nothing
      else who dont have repect for other right but yourself

  6. Shame on MUSLIMS Shame shame
    They sold there sisters mother against Dollars

  7. Muslim nation is waiting for a Muhammad Bin Qasim of this Era.

  8. Salam to All,
    ,by tongue and by thinking,Three type of Jihad in ISLAM, by Sword, So Allha bless All Muslim And give us a commander like .
    Mohammad bin Qasim and Salahudin Ayoubi,

  9. Too Sad!
    Oh Allah! Please give us strength so that we can
    break down the US hands. Please Allah, Ruin the United States of America.

    O Muslims! PLEASE wake up, wake up, wake up.

    Please Please Please Please
    Please Please
    Please Please Please Please
    Please Please Please Please
    Please Please Please Please
    Please Please Please Please
    Please Please Please Please

  10. i m sorry my great sister. A Allah protect my sister and appear a shine of justice and darkness of zalim and actual terrorist

  11. Our current condition is just bcoz of the misdeads which we made in future which are the very shameful deads of our so called authorities.But we should keep in mind we are also a part of that “zulm” of those people who r directly resposible for that bcoz we did’nt anything which could give her a little peace.


  13. sab haram khoor ha jo bari seat per bathay huye hn wo ye kyo sochta ha ke ye sab sirf aafia siddiqi ke sath he ho ga ho sakta ha ke kal ko in ke bhan ya bati ke sath ye ho jay phir kya kary ge assay he bathay rahay ge hath pe hath rakh ke sharam anne chahye in muslamano ko jinho ne usay america ke hawalay kya ha koi nhi allah ye sab kuch dakh rahay hn or tumhay aj nhi to yome akharat ke din is cheez ka hissab dana paray ga jo tum ne us muslim auraut ke sath kya ha

  14. 10 din mein Dr, Aafia wapis aa skti hai pr koi meri baat he ni manta

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