Shugoofa: Humour magazine from Hyderabad

Shugoofa is a rare magazine dedicated to humour and satire, which is published from Hyderabad Deccan (India).

In an era when magazines are finding it tough to survive, Shagoofa has completed 40 years of publication and is now in its 41st year. What distinguishes it from other magazines is the fact that all the articles and verses are purely literary with a tinge of humour and satire unlike most other magazines with popular humour.

It is difficult to find such a standard literary-humorist magazine in any other language. The standard of magazines that are solely devoted to humour generally deteriorates and cheap humour makes an entry but this is not the case with Shagoofa.

It has articles, ghazals, nazms, travelogues and all literary genres. The Zindadilan-e-Hyderabad, a literary organisation, brings out this magazine. The Editor is Dr Syed Mustafa Kamal while Abid Moiz is the Overseas Editor.

The postal address is 31, Bachelors Quarters, Moazzam Jahi Market, Hyderabad-500001 India. The magazine is priced at Rs 20 and the annual subscription is Rs 225. The phone numbers are 24745716 and 23326185.


8 Responses

  1. please give me your contact nos that i may call you. i wish to subscribe this magazine. possiblt you call me on my cell no. as 09890508348

  2. I am BILIGIRI RANGA, from Hyderabad, India and am writing an article for a Hyderabad based PRISM , a 10 year old mag, on Hyderabadi sense of humour which as u know is famous across the world. My article deals with whether this famous spirit still exists or has got withered away due to passage of time and modern stress.
    U can see my – Features link for earlier articles of mine)

    My article deals with whether the city folks who are world famous for their unique jokes, have lost their sense of humour or not.

    I am keen to have your views for the same

    Pls get in touch with me sooon at

  3. dil ki dili mubarikbad (Dil Taj Mahali)

  4. Please send me an email as we want to subscribe the magazine for our students .Kindly let us have a reply soon including the charges for Mauritius.
    Thank you

    • The anuual overseas subscription is 75 US$; we will send u 11 normal issues of 56 pages each and 1 volumnious annual number. For further enquiries u can contact me Dr Abid Moiz, editor overseas,

  5. please give me your contact nos that i may call u. i wish to subscribe this magazine.

  6. Can someone tell me where I can find Talib Khundmiri’s tribute Shagoofa’s addition? I tried to find on Shagoofa’s website but I guess they have not uploaded yet. I’m surprised that they have not metioned enough info about Talib Sahab on the site. I believe he was one of the important person of the Shugoofa. I humble request with editor of Shugoofa to upload all Talib Sahab’s work on their site.

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