Demise of Urdu poets: Ramz, Ghulam Rizvi Gardish

Eminent Urdu poet Mohammad Ahmad Ramz died in Ghaziabad on April 2. He was the foremost modernist poet.

Ramz was born in Sitapur in 1932. He emerged as a leading poet at the peak of moderist movement, especially in the 70s. Earlier known as Ramz Sitapuri, his collection of poetry ‘Savaad-e-Rang’ got popularity.

His couplet: SaaNsoN meN ulajh rahii thiiN saaNseN
SadiyoN ko ubuur kar rahaa tha voh

The demise of Ghulam Rizvi Gardish is another shock for Urdu world. He passed away in Mau. He was born in Muhammadabad town of Mau and taught English in Shia college. He had also spent years in Mumbai.

Ghulam Rizwi Gardish will always be remembered for his ‘khaaka-nigaari’ and his knowledge about Urdu poetry and its history. He could recall innumerable couplets of hundreds of poets and also the literary feuds and controversies in the history of Urdu literature.

He was a poet of repute and had several collections to his name apart from his famous work ‘paraganda log’ in which he wrote profiles of poets and writers. His second book of profiles, ‘Aainakhana’ is in print.


2 Responses

  1. It is very shocking that Bhai Ramz is no more.It is more unfortunate for my part that living in ghaziabad I could not hear about his sad demise. I pray for his maghfirat.

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