Delhi Urdu Academy awards announced

The Delhi Urdu Academy has announced its annual awards for the year 2008. The All India Bahadur Shah Zafar Award (Rs 1.11 lakh) goes to Professor Syed Mohammad Aqeel Rizvi.

The prestigious Pt Brijmohan Dattatreya Award will be conferred on Anand Mohan Zutshi Gulzar Dehalvi. The award carries Rs 51,000 cash and memento. Mahfoozur Rahman and Som Anand, have been selected for the awards for journalism

Eminent writer Musharraf Alam Zauqi has been selected for the Award for creative prose writing. Professor Shamsul Haq Usmani and Professor Naseem Ahmad Khan have been chosen for the awards for criticism and research.

For poetry this year Nazmi Sikandarabadi & PP Srivastava Rind have been selected. Ataullah Akhtar (Calligraphy) and Taliba Khatoon (Teaching) are among other awardees

Journalist Som Anand has been associated with Siasat and UNI Urdu service. In the past, he worked alongside Faiz and Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi. The awards will be given at a ceremony in March.



5 Responses

  1. I alaways admire urdu academy,s activities regarding researh and its hell bent for promotion of urdu language.i think the said acakemy has set an example for all other urdu
    academies which are working for the same cause.

    Best of luck

  2. Hi
    Where on Internet can I find a list of your Urdu publications?
    Harjinder Singh Dhaliwal

  3. Hello,
    New here. Thanks

    Mary Aloe
    Proud Mary Entertainment

  4. We have published a poetry book titled “Zindagi Aik Darya Hai” which is written in Urdu language. The Hindi translation of the same has also been done and is also included in the same book. The life story of the author of this book is also written in English and Urdu language, in which how common men of 21st Century became a poet who is businessman by profession and have some political background also. When fundamentalism, communalism and terrorism was everywhere in the atmosphere and under these circumstances how a person manages and continues his efforts to give the message of peace and universal brotherhood through his poetry.

    This book has been appreciated by the people from all walks of life at both national and international level and different agencies of the country has purchased the same book for educational institution. Our cultural ministry and HRD ministry of India have ordered this book for school education, higher education and for different libraries of the country.
    This book contains the reflection of Sufism and contours of spirituality and narrowness of the politics.

    We as (Tarana Manzil) appeals to national and international book exporters and all the world government educational agencies to purchase the same book, so that our message of peace and universal brotherhood will reach to the masses. We want to appeal the national and international media to please cooperate us in our mission of peace and betterment of the world society.

    Zehan ko kholkar dekh, Aasman kahan par hai,
    Aa dekh sitaroon ki bulandi kahan par hai,
    Aa rahi tu wahan fasanay jahan khatum hotay nahin,
    Sab kuch khatum hoga yahan, mera nishan baki hai

    Our forthcoming Publications are
    1. Phool Khila Kashmir Ka (Urdu Language)
    2. Voice of Kashmir (English)
    3. Chaier Kiyazi Gouw (Kashmiri)

    Gazi Glam Nabi Kashmiri
    Poet & Writer

    Add: C- 122 Raju Park Khanpur New Delhi –62,INDIA
    Ph: 9311334792.01129915122

  5. Plz give me the address of Shri Som Anand jio

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