Fikr Taunsvi: A great satirist


Until a few decades back, Fikr Taunsvi’s ‘Pyaaz ke Chhilke’ was one of the most popular columns and the readers would wait for the newspaper every day just to read his piece and later discuss it.

Ramlal Bhatia, who wrote under the pseudonym Fikr Taunswi, also wrote ‘Teer-o-Nashtar’ for Biswin Sadi. Unfortunately not enough attention was paid to this great humourist after his death.

Dr Mehtab Amrohvi’s book ‘Fikr Taunsvi: Ek Motala’ is a comprehensive work on the life and achievements of this great writer. The book has 212 pages and throws light on various aspects of Fikr’s life, his times and works.

The book is a bit costly at Rs 300 but provides good information about the late Fikr. You can get the book from 304, Darbar Kalaan, JP Nagar, Amroha (UP).



14 Responses

  1. nice book
    ali abidi

  2. dear sir,
    i was wondering if you have heard the book
    he wrote “THE MODERN ALLADIN”..if yes then
    would it be possible for you to give me the
    information from where can i buy the book??
    i,thank you
    siddharth bedi

    • I am also trying to get a copy of the same. I read it in my childhood.

    • No I have not heard about this book let us try to collect all his works then publish it in one or two volume and then distribute it it will be wonderful I will bare all the cost of this whole project but I need help to collect all his writings

  3. We proud on Fiker Taunswi.I belong to Tunsa Shareef-Pakistan .

  4. I used to read his column in Janyug.

  5. Fikr Taunsvi was a great satirist. I used to enjoy his ‘Teer-o-Nashtar’ in monthly Biswin Sadi.

  6. thanx to all

  7. Thanx to all………

  8. Publishers name of fikr tounsvee. Book by dr mehtab ji also let us collect his work and publish it

  9. Please let me know how we can collect his entire writings and publish it. It will be a fitting tribute to this great writer

  10. pleas cont me

    • Sir, I rquired your book fiker taunsvi: Ak mutaila.I am Ph.D scholar from pakistan.please help me for supply of your book.Ghulam asghar D.G.Khan (pakistan).

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