Two more Urdu monthly digests stop publication

The closure of two more monthly Urdu digests has not been noticed in mainstream Urdu press, as they were magazines that catered to popular interest.

The two Urdu digests, “Sadha Rang’ and ‘Talash’ ceased publication. Earlier, Chahar Rang, Hazar Rang, Aalami Digest, Aatish-e-Gul and Nikhat-e-Gul disappered from the market due to decline in readership.

Now Huma remains the only digest along with Pakiza Anchal of the same group. Two other women-oriented digests Mashriqi Anchal and Mashiriq Dulhan are still publishing. But the trends suggest that their days are also numbered.

In the 80s, suddenly digests had appeared in the market and due to the collection of international stories that were translated in Urdu, they achieved success. In the past there were Shabistan and Mehrab among other digests.

Critics may not take these magazines and digests seriously but it is Jaraem, Pakiza Anchal, Khtoon-e-Mashriq, Biswin Sadi and similar popular magazines that are the first step of reader towards acquiring the literary taste.

Even literary magazines are gasping for breath. Among the few surviving are Ajkal, Aiwan-e-Urdu, Shair, Insha, Kitabnuma, Naya Daur, Naya Waraq and Zehn-e-Jadid. Though Sahara group’s ventures and the publication of Arindam Chaudhary’s The Sunday Indian in Urdu have brought fresh hopes.

But the sad truth is that unless there is a commercial viability, nobody is going to publish Urdu magazines. The cost of paper is rising and advertisements re hard to get for Urdu periodicals/newspapers. With fewer Indians (read Muslims) familiar with Urdu script and the figures dwindling fast, the future is not at all bright for Urdu publications.



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  1. Thank you for the post!

    • Urdu newspapers ,readers and digests should rise to time,they are declining by the readers means they are problem within their existence only.
      if they fulfill the needs of the readers then definitely they can survive even this time.

  2. Adna shaaiR hoon .. sabh ko salam Adaab

    main apni poetry shaaya karna chahta hoon

    aur mujhy ek moka chaahye .. mayaar ap log khud parakh lena .. if u consider tht my poetry is able to be published den it’l be a great pleasure for me ..

    Main kisi ghareeb ki khwahish ki tarah hoon aqeel
    khareed na paao To Duaaon Main maanG lena


    nawazish ka talabgaaR ..

    AQeeL shaDaab

  3. Aqeel Sahab,

    You are welcome to send your poetry. I guess, I have read your kalaam in Urdu risalas.

  4. It is very sad to know that sadha rang & talash-e-jadeed have ceased publication as i was looking for these of two very cueiously.
    really very sad.

  5. I have a collection of Zamana magazines from the
    1930’s to the 1940’s with works of Firaq,
    Allama Madhosh, Josh, etc. It would be great to publish some of the works from them

  6. i agree with you completely…the urdu readership is decreasing and so are the urdu publications…the younger generation(the y2k)hardly takes interest in learning urdu…its a shame that the land which gave us this beautiful language has no place for it today..
    there r various internet sites doing service to urdu…iwould like the readers of this blog to visit these sites and help to prevent urdu from dying.

  7. could u suggest some magazine like Biswin Sadi?/?

  8. is there anything like Biswin Sadi these days?

  9. Anil sahab: That’s a real treasure. Why don’t you get it scanned and put it online. It will be a great service for literature.

    Joshi sahab: There are magazines like Bazm (of the Sahara group) that costs Rs 50 and is really a wonderful magazine. Several literary magazines like Shayar (Mumbai), Aajkal, Aiwan-e-Urdu, Kitabnuma and Zehn-e-Jadid are in circulation. Khatoon Mashriq is a monthly magazine but the standard is not as good.

  10. i am shahid mahmood danish from lahore.its very most beautiful wibsaid.

  11. Urdu resale aksar nay writer ignor karte hae,akhir Q..mae ek shayar hun,,Bazmesahara,pakeeza anchal me jab kuchh post keya,na to publish hua,na jawab mila…Ans.plz.

  12. for Hamdo Naat call my wife aliya falahi all ready reading in Zee salaam
    urdu chenal in delhi plese call me mobil no 9211382663

  13. thts really good 2c so many readers here, including non muslims! good job!

  14. if something related to deen, it should be good

  15. asak
    mujhe call bell by seema ghazal chahiye agar aap logon mein se kisi ko pata ho ye kahan se mil sakta hai toh please mujhe inform kijiye is email par

  16. I have a copy of the Bhagvad Gita translated into Farsi poetry, probably the only copy in the world ! And yes, a hand written letter from Allama Madhosh to Firaq Gorakhpuri.

  17. Plz plz plz mus-haf padhe aur kaisi lagi bataye(june2011-NOV2011)

  18. ah….what will happen of our urdu?

  19. Urdu ganga yumuna tahjeeb ki pahjan hai

  20. Salam, mujhe Urdu Digest Pakeeza Anchal k publisher ka addres chahye takeh mai un se rabta kar k apni kahanya shaya karwa saku.

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