Another master poet bids adieu

The demise of Urdu poet Rashid Kausar Faruqi has been reported quite late. In fact, it went unnoticed. Faruqi was 74. He was essentially a poet of ghazal.

Rashid Kausar Faruqi was born in Biswan (Sitapur) on October 29, 1933. He spent long years of his life in various Cities outside his homestate. However, he passed away in his native town where he had gone back recently.

His collections ‘Zamzama’ and ‘Jadid Javidaan’ had achieved wide acclaim. He had written a book on Education amongst Indian Muslims in English. He had a unique style poetic diction and lately his poetry had started depicting what critics term an ‘isteghnaai shaan’.

It is sad that another poet of the last generation of master poets who had command over the language and understood its nuances, has left us. They had learnt language when Urdu was the lingua franca in the sub-continent and there was emphasis on ‘sehat-e-zubaan’.

At Urdu India, we posted his ghazal a few months back.



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