Sadaa-e-Urdu: A literary journal from Bhopal

At the turn of millennium when Urdu publications were gasping for breath in Central India, a literary journal Sadaa-e-Urdu began its publication.

Eminent Urdu litterateur Naeem Kausar needs to be congratulated for the success of his magazine. The fortnightly has successfully completed six years and carved a niche for itself amongst Urdu magazines.

I have the latest issue in my hands. The front page has the lead story about the ongoing controversy surrounding Gyan Chand Jain’s book, Khalid Mahmood’s verse on Shaam-e-Awadh, a rare letter written by Dr Jagannath Azad to Ram Lal, report about the demise of the only person in the country who used to write in Urdu, Persian, English, Sanskrit and Hindi simultaneously.


Inside, the tabloid-size magazine has short stories, articles, a collection of 100 most quotable Urdu couplets, several ghazals and Nazms apart from many other features. It is mainly a literary journal but also focuses on socio-political and movie world. And it is priced at just Rs 8. The subscriber can get 13 issues for just Rs 100.

Naeem Kausar is the son of Renowned Urdu novelist the late Kausar Chandpuri. And he has demonstrated how an Urdu journal can succeed even in this era. Of course, Karwan-e-Adab and Intesab are amongst the other Urdu magazines that are doing well.



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  1. Naeem Kausar sahib is a well known urdu story writer. he is also a wel known honest editor of sada-e-urdu. in his papers he has took lead higlight many burning issues. I have a lot of respect for him because we have very few writers and editors in the current urdu communities who syas truth and express their openion without fear and any pressure from others. His father was also well known urdu story writers.
    un ke liyee Muzaffar Hanfi sahib ka ek shair yaad atta ha

    Thori sii roshni hai ossai jo bhi loot lay
    Jugnoo’N mia’N ke pass khazana tau hai nahi’N
    (Muzaffar Hanfi)

  2. M U B A R A K

    H O


  3. Sir,

    I am freom Pakistan, and want to know how can i subsceibe your literary magazine in Pakistan? My father, late Maulana Ghulam Rasool Mehr was a literary figure on the Subcontinent and I have special interest for urdu Literature.

  4. Naeem Kausar Sahib.Adab. I am researcher/writer on Folk Lit; History, Folk Music, Iqbaliyat and some topics in Quran & Science.I am writer/compiler of 05 books. Dozens of my articles have been published in various periodicals, Newspapers and magazines in Pakistan. I wish to get my two articles i.e. 1-Rooh-Pedaish aur mot and 2-Iqbal ka safar in your magazine.Would you please let me know your willing.Thanks. Waiting for your reply.Abbas Kazmi, Skardo (N.Areas) Pakistan

  5. Plz inform me about your journal.

  6. Assalaam-u-alaikum.
    I am A D.Phil. student in Urdu Deptt. at Allahabad University.My topic of research is “Urdu Mein Reportaznigari Ki Riwayet.” I have also to critical study of your reportaz,but till the date I have not find any of your writings.Please help me in the same matter.
    Allah hafiz

  7. Plz inform me about your journal.

  8. salam-o-alaikum,bari achi baat hay ke bhopal mail urdu ka tauti abb bhi bolta hai…allah aap ko is tauti ka ameen banae..aamin.

  9. adab aap mubarikbad k mustahique hein.

  10. Hi

    I am based in Ranchi,Jharkhand.
    I wish to get a copy of your esteemed magzine for me too.

    Request you to kindly make a small provision for me too.Regards
    Abu Fateh

    House #: CD 443
    SECTOR – 2

    PH. #: +91-9934768202/+91-651-2443371.

  11. Kausar Sahib, Assalam Alalikum,
    It is indeed heartening that in this era of
    Urdu demise (at least that is what some people
    think) you have ventured into this new magazine.
    Please let me know how I can contact you (phone
    numbr, email or website)
    so that we can discuss how Ican get benefited
    by this magazine and pay my dues.

  12. i know naeem bhai and his other three brothers shameem naseem and haleem kousar infact they were my teachers of urdu naeem bhai has worked very hard for bringing this rissala he very honest and hard working this time looking forword to see him in bhopal

    • Assalam-o-Alaikum

      Here is Muslim Saleem. I have developed a web directory
      urdu poets and writers of madhya pradesh
      it can be seen by writing the above phrase on Hope you will enjoy and post your comments.
      Yours sincerely,
      Muslim Saleem,
      Urdu poet and writers and journalist of Urdu, Hindi and English

      Muslim Saleem
      April 29, 2010

  13. ineed a copy of the rissala my address is
    41 the crescent alwoodley

  14. I have heard about your urdu news paper.I request you to send me a copy to my school to study urdu.
    My address
    Mujeebu Rahman.P.P
    Urdu Club
    Pin- 676553

  15. i wish to subscribe with sadaa-e-urdu. Send me information regarding this purpose.

  16. naeem kausar’s address is as below—–

    naeem kausar..
    31 shimla hills,bhopal(m.p)

    kindly address me by post..i have no website..

  17. nice to see your beautiful magazine.
    Nadeem Hashmi

  18. as salam km,janab, aapki kamyabi per hamain fakhr he.shayad is liye bhi ki kausar chandpuri sb ka taluq hamare rohilkhand khitte se he.
    main rohilkhand ki afsana nigari ke talluq se kuch kaam kar raha hun.kiya aap meri madad farmayainge.shukriya

  19. Sir I am a Head Master in a Govt School in Hyderabad Andhrapradesh .I want to subscribe it for my School ,please state the details how to subscribe.The School address is GHS Goshamahal U/M 11-02-1092 Bazarghat Naampally Hyderabad AP

  20. Plz let me know how to attach the urdu file, b’coz I don’t found your email address here, I want to sent some thought provoking poems and urdu articles as well, plz. reply.
    Arshad Mansoor Ghazi,
    Mob: 0-7428959570

  21. تمام اہل علم سے ایک درخواست ہے بالخصوص بھوپال سے تعلق رکھنے والے احباب سے خصوصی طور پر:

    ملا رموزی 1896 میں بھوپال میں پیدا ہوئے، یہاں پاکستان میں شائع ہوئی چند کتابوں میں ان کی جائے وفات کراچی لکھی گئی ہے۔ بھوپال سے تعلق رکھنے والے کوئی کرم فرما ملا رموزی کی بھوپال میں تدفین کی تصدیق کرسکیں تو ممنون رہوں گا
    میرا ای میل یہ ہے:
    خیر اندیش
    راشد اشرف
    کراچی سے

  22. Rashid Sahab

    Mulla Ramoozi lived and died here in Bhopal. His family still lives in Bhopal and his house is near Chhaoni mohalla in Bhopal. Kuchh ghalat-fahmi ki bunyaad par aisa hua hoga. Be assured, he lived and died here.

  23. kindly send me a copy of sadaa e urdu.

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