Aaina: An Urdu web magazine

Aaina, an Urdu web magazine, which I recently discovered on the net, adds to the growing presence of Urdu media, especially from India, on the world wide web.


Yaadash bakhair! Oldies would remember that nearly five decades back, the Shama group had come up with a lifestyle magazine Aaina that was much ahead of its times.

And at the dawn of the twenty first century we have the new Aaina, a standard e-zine, which we hope would surely achieve success and have a long run. You can check the website here.

Tahsin Usmani is the editor of the webzine. The site doesn’t tell much about the publication and how long it has been on net, but the contents are interesting. Importantly, fonts are soothing to eye. (The Rashtriya Sahara group has made a mess of its website with fonts).

Aaina has several sections including News, International Affairs, National Issues, Cultural Activities and the poetry section. The best part is that it has a kids’ section, which is often neglected in Urdu papers and magazines.

The mushaira link on the site has nearly two dozen poets’ couplets/ghazals. Do they have an archive section, I wonder! Also, I felt that the site took slightly extra time to load. However, Mr Tahsin Usmani and his team needs to be congratulated for the effort for this bi-lingual webzine. Our best wishes for them.



2 Responses

  1. aaina the mirror is really a beutiful web magazine specially for children

  2. I visited your blog through google search and found interesting and informative both.
    We are also trying to promote Urdu language and literature on cyberspace. Two networks we have launched.

    Urdu Dunia

    Urdu Literature

    We invite you to visit us and give us suggestions to make the site more informative.

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