Sa’adi awards: Wali-ul-Haq Ansari, Waris Kirmani honoured

Eminent Persian scholars of India Wali-ul-Haq Ansari and Waris Kirmani are amongst the Indian writers who have been honoured by the government of Iran for their services to Persian language and literature.

Also, Kashi Nath Pandita, Syed Yunus Jaffery and Shoaib Aazmi were felicitated. The five authors were honoured on the 28th anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran.

Waliul Haque Ansari is a well-known Persian and Urdu poet. Probably the most prolific Indian poet writing in Persian. His three collections of Persian poetry have been acclaimed by critics.

Waris Kirmani is also a renowned writer. About his recent autobiography ‘Ghoomti Nadi’, I have written a piece on this blog. He is now settled in his native town after retirment from Aligarh Muslim University.

Kirmani who is related to Qurratul Ain Haider, asked the latter, why she got so popular. Haider is said to have told Kirmani, that she wrote for the common man while Kirmani was always neck deep into the world of literature and addressed to the scholars and researchers. The awards were presented at the Iranian Culture House in New Delhi.


2 Responses

  1. Probably the greatest Indian Persian poet was
    Allama Madhosh, who is the only person in the
    world to have translated the Bhagvad Gita
    directly from Sanskrit into Persian Poetry in the 1950’s. He
    received accolades from the Shah of Iran and
    the then Vice President of India. I am fortunate
    to have one of the only copies present.

  2. I am looking for contact address of Dr. Wali ulhaq Ansari . Please forward at following address


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