Award to Asad Mohammad Khan


Urdu litterateur and poet Asad Mohammad Khan has been awarded the prestigious Majlis-e-Farogh Urdu Adab Award (Doha, Qatar).

Khan truly deserves the award. His Nazms are well-known but his real strength is in the prose. The stories like ‘Basode ki Maryam’ and ‘Mai Dada’ are truly astounding. If you want to listen the story online go to Urdu Radio. Click Urdustan Radio
The link is down there on the page.

Asad Muhammad Khan hails from Bhopal. After partition, he shifted to Pakistan. He is amongst the most prominent fiction writers in Urdu. He has written scripts for television serials. His command over Bundelkhandi and Malwi dialects is outstanding.


22 Responses

  1. i m supposed to do thesis on fictions,articles and review of asad muhammad khan so plz would u plz help me to collect some sort of data as soon …

  2. This is Asad Muhammad Khan’s grand daughter and he has asked me to inform you that the reply to the post you sent him has been sent to your e-mail address, as it is rather difficult for him to communicate through post. You can contact him at his e-mail adress which is and inform him of whatever data you may need for your thesis. My e-mail address:

  3. here is a mesage to asad mohammad khan i want to know my lineage(family tree) to pushtuns,as he had done a good work on the tribe of sherwani’s.

  4. Mazhar Sherwani Saheb.

    I will be very happy to help you out in this matter. But, Sherwani Sb! I must tell you the truth, I am not a research scholar. I am just a story writer.
    As a student I met ‘my first Sherwani’… Prof Sherwani of Hamidia College, Bhopal (Central India). Prof Sherwani taught us English (year 1950). A teacher with a very graceful and noble look.
    Then, as a visiting writer, at the Aligarh Univ, I met the same Prof Sherwani Sb in the year 1965. Naturally he was older and more graceful.
    In the year ’67 I met a certain writer Sherwani Sb at the Press Club, Delhi. All the Sherwanis I have met had noble, graceful and honest looks. They were polite and attentive too.
    I am happy to have met them. And I am happy to communicate with YOU.
    Further,(the late)Dr. Hussain Khan of the Peshawar Univ.(he was the head of History Deptt.)has done tremendous work on the Pathan Kings, particularly, Sher Shah Suri.
    Perhaps you may drop a letter or two, to the DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY, Peshawar University. Pakistan. Perhaps some scholar or scholars at the Deptt will help you out Surely they will guide you.
    Thanks for your patience. Asad M . K.

    • What is the contact information for Dr. Asad Muhammad Khan? Email will work. We need to send a thankyou email to him
      Tariq Khan


  6. Asad Muhammad khan is a great writer. may he live long

    • Dear Friend Arshad Ali Arshad.
      This is Asad M. K., I am thankful for your prayer. God Bless You!
      From Feb 20 to Oct 3, a long way. But your kind comment and your honest prayer are throbbing with love. I am happy and thankful, Asad Muhammad Khan.
      PS I and my family celebrated my 77th B””””””””””””””””””””””DAY> ON @^TH SEPT> HAHA>

      • This is Asad M. K. again, Sorry the Key Board
        stucked up and jumbled whatever I wanted to say.
        Not much though. Bye. Thanks anyway. AMK.

  7. adab sir,
    i have heard a lot from my nani mummy Mrs. Shehnaz jahan about ur nazms.And the one “Khelan Ko mange Chand re ” really expresses ur deep feelings.One request I\if u dont mind can u tell me ur Birth Date.

  8. asad sab is really a wonderful writer, how he used the urdu words in a suitable and most beautifully in mai dada and ba soudy ki maryam, its amazing, enchanting and gerogeiously. I pay my regards my sincere thoughts for him. He had contributed his best sense of approaches and how he linked me with the world that I never saw but I felt my self a character of these stories. I weapt many tiny by listening the “ba soudy ke Mariyam”. I always tried to be hold myself to listen this story just in routine but at last it hit me and my tears oozed and I never able to stop them, I alwyas I enjoyed my this “lovely depression”.I read many writers writers but I enjoyed asad sb stories a lot, I wish that God almighty bless him with his blessings.
    my Regards and sincere thoughts. waqa Ahmad

    • I was going through the comment by Waqar Ahmed,it reminded me the day i first heard this story by zia mohiuddin.I was alone at home and was crying out loudly and could not control my self, such was an impact of this story by the excellent story teller Asad Mohammad Khan .

  9. I had been going through the comments people have placed here, I don’t have any better words to complement him.

    While listening to ‘Basoday ki Maryam’ & ‘Mai Dada’ I don’t have any power over my tears to stop them, and its so natural that one can’t even realize that one is so captured.

    I used to listen many day to day things about Asad Sahab, that he is this….he is that… by my Urdu Teacher at school many years back……

    But didn’t know that she was a wife of such a Great LEGENT of URDU ADAB !

    Hats off for Asad Mohammad Khan…

  10. I have listened a lots of time Mai Dada & Basu day Ki Mariyum… U r amazing Sir.
    U have a great & deep sense of observation… i love ur writings… May u live long..

  11. I am proud to be married to the daughter of such a great Writer.
    He is a down to earth person, one can sit with him for hours as he narrates his journey as a young boy who was forced to start a new life alone in a strange place, INCREDIBLE.

  12. I am going to do thesis on basode ki maryam …. kindy help me and send me the related information about the story….and i am unable to find the drama “basode ki maryam” as it will help me in my work….. can u send me a link or any help?

  13. mai dada was really master piece. what a local dialect. and what a build up of characters. all the praise for you asad saab….. sincerely … wasif yaar

  14. i simply love the writer in you asad muhammad khan. My prayers always with you… you tell the reality , which is very impotant for today’s world.

  15. me along with my teachers realised many hidden truths just because of your writings!!!! well done asad saab!!!!!!!!

  16. NOMINATED for URDU AWARD اردو ادب میں سونامی ۔
    ١۰۰۰ PAGES, font 12, about 70,000 words
    I need : 1 ) ADDs for ITS WEBSITE. 2) DONATIONS FOR THIS
    Thank u

  17. Can anyone confirm if Asad Mohammad Khan Sahib and Asad Bhopali, lyricist of more than 500 songs from Hindi films is one person??

    • Sanjay ji, they are different. Asad Mohammad Khan lives in Pakistan, had come to Bhopal recently for a short trip. Asad Bhopali passed several years ago, unsung.

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