Ghalib Award to Balraj Komal, Izhar Asar & other Urdu writers

Urdu Awards

The Ghalib Awards were recently given away to Urdu litterateurs at a glittering ceremony in Delhi.

Veteran Urdu novelist, poet and writer Izhar Asar got the award for Science Writing. Izhar Asar, whose mystery novels in the decades of 50s and 60s were quite a rage, especially the Nagin series, has done a great job towards demystifying the principles of science and written it in a language so that common man can understand it. Special issues of his own Izhar Asar Digest on science are considered as milestones in Urdu.

Eminent poet Balraj Komal was selected for Urdu poetry. He is a terrific poet of Nazm and his verses like Akeli are a gems of Urdu literature.

Aleem Saba Navedi got the award for overall contribution to literature. He has truly dedicated himself to Urdu language and especially in a state like Tamil Nadu where Urdu is not spoken as commonly (except in Arcot).

Hamdi Kashmiri (Urdu prose), Kabir Ahmad Jaisi (Persian literature and research), Dr Aslam Pervez (Research), Shahid Anwar (Drama) got the rest of the awards. UrduIndia congratules all of them.


11 Responses

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  2. Dear Prof. Kabir Ahmad Jaisi:
    سلام. انشاالله حال شما خوب باشد.همه سو جويد چشمم مهر تابان همه شب گر چه اختر مي شمارم. وقتيست صبا كا ين دم از خواب گران خيزي. شاعر عزيز لطفا مرا از حال خود با خبر سازيد و اشعارتان را برايم بفرستيد.سلام مرا به همه هموطنان هندي برسانيدو اگر كتابي از ايران ميخواهيد بنويسيد.
    دوستار شما: محمد ايرانمنش
    Mohammad Iranmanesh

  3. Dear sirs,

    I am a UK resident and great fan of Izhar Asar.
    I am tyring to get hold of his Detective Science Fictions that I cannot buy from anywhere.

    Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me have Izhar Asar’s or his publishers email address.

    My email is:

    I shall be highly grateful for your help.

    (M. A. Khan)
    United Kingdom

  4. مرسی مطالب خوبی بود

  5. dear friends/readers
    i am a fan of great writer izhar asar n looking for his whole set of novels of anokha jasoos i can buy at any price if any body have that i would also like to meet legend writer if he is still ok. i am staying in singapore can come any time to see him or i can send him ticket to be my guest in singapore
    looking forward for a good news

  6. dear friends i would like to know that legend izhar asar sahib is still alive if so i would like to meet him my e mail rana_chaudhry please mail me his where abouts thanks

  7. dear sir,
    i am great fan of izhar asar digest . i am living in saudi arabia where i can get?

  8. dear sir,
    i am great fan of izhar asar digest . i am living in the capital of saudi arabia riyadh where i can get?

  9. Salam, I am a crazy fiction reader & i have few of his novels also.. can somebody tell me where i can get his more novels??

  10. […] to my Coffee House friends. Their critique helped me become a Pantomime. You,  RG Anand and Balraj Komal were my main critical guides.  M S Mudder who put me on stage on and on (with whom I’m still […]

  11. Iam a grate fan Izhar asar I heav a big cloction of his book .. Anoka jasus serise and Mujrim novel lovly book of1960s & 70s

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