Baqar Mehdi also bids adieu

Another minaret of Urdu literary world fell in Mumbai recently. Baqar Mehdi passed away at the age of 80. He was ailing but his mind was as sharp as always even on his deathbed.

An excellent critic and poet who wrote scores of ‘kaali ghazleN’ and ‘kaali nazmeN’, Baqar Sahab was an iconoclast to the core. Born in a family of zamindars in Rudauli town (UP), he had made Mumbai his home.

Jyoti Punwani writes in Indian Express that the latest issue of Naya Waraq and Diwan-e-Ghalib were by his bed at the time of his demise. Intellectually profound and an immensely well-read Baqar Mahdi was considred an ‘inhiraafi shaKshiyat’. The other day I was reading his verse on Gujarat riots’ anniversary and came to know about his death from the small piece on Edit page of the Express. Today some Urdu papers carried news of condolence meet in Delhi.



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    A Hyderabad based urdu newspaper siasat editor mr amir ali khan and mr mazhar and mr alamdar were involved in a sex racket today as exposed by MIM floor leader in the state assembly in which a young girl was sold to alleged sex racket after being brought in a trap by offering her a scholarship and then taking her to a farmhouse and raping her which are seirous offenses and even forcing her parents not to file a police complaint and threatnig them with dire consequences.Even the National Law Trust has sent a letter dated on 14-09-2006 signed by its Chairman Mr Khalid Nishu to all the Newspaper editors to take up the story as it damages the reputation of the media and the victim Mrs Mariam Fatima had even met the President of India seeking justice and the State Home Minister has appointed a team led by deputy Commissoner of police Mr Madhu Sudan Reddy IPS to investigate the case as promised by the Minister in the Assembly .The Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen on Tuesday took the Congress government to task for its alleged failure to control kidnappings and trafficking of young girls in the State, particularly Hyderabad.
    Armed with statistics MIM floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi said Hyderabad city alone records seven cases of missing youths, including five girls, every day. As many as five children are kidnapped every day on an average. The MIM leader said 1,118 cases of kidnap and missing of children were registered in Hyderabad during 2004 and of this 353 cases were registered within Cyberabad police limits. In 2005, 511 cases of kidnap and missing of children were recorded.
    With regard to missing of youths, particularly girls, Mr Owaisi said 3476 such cases were registered during 2005. Of these only 1714 cases were traced. About 80 per cent of all missing persons are young girls who are kidnapped by professional human trafficking gangs. “There is a heavy demand for Andhra girls in other States. The kidnapped girls are sold in brothels outside the State. The CID has reported the existence of as many as 32 such gangs in the State. Andhra Pradesh has now become number one State in the country in terms of missing children,” the MIM leader pointed out.

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