Shaam-e-gham kuchh us nigaah-e-naaz kii baateN karo…Firaq Gorakhpuri


Firaq Gorakhpuri is one the most well-known Urdu poets who attained tremendous fame in his lifetime. He is also remembered for his bohemian lifestyle. Raghupati Sahay Firaq was born in Gorakhpur in 1896. His father Munshi Gorakh Parshad Ibrat was an acclaimed poet.

However, Firaq found his own style in poetry. He brought imagery and ideas from Hindu mythology. He taught English at Allahabad University. Firaq was the first Urdu author to be awarded the Jnanpith Award for Gul-e-Naghma. He died in 1982 (the same year another stalwart Josh Malihabadi, his contemporary poet, passed away in Pakistan).

शाम-ए-ग़म कुछ उस निगाह-ए-नाज़ की बातें करो
बेख़ुदी बढ़ती चली है राज़ की बातें करो

ये सुकूत-ए-नाज़, ये दिल की रगों का टूटना
ख़ामुशी में कुछ शिकस्त-ए-साज़ की बातें करो

निकहत-ए-ज़ुल्फ़-ए-परीशां, दास्तान-ए-शाम-ए-ग़म
सुबह होने तक इसी अंदाज़ की बातें करो

कूछ क़फ़स की तीलियों से छन रहा है नूर सा
कुछ फ़िज़ा, कुछ हसरत-ए-परवाज़ की बातें करो

जिसकी फ़ुरक़त ने पलट दी इश्क़ की काया फ़िराक़
आज उसी ईसा नफ़स दमसाज़ की बातें करो

फ़िराक़ गोरखपुरी


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