Irfan Siddiqui’s ghazal on Gujarat Riots


Gujarat Riots have given a new metaphor to Urdu poetry. In fact, more than the Babri Masjid demolition, it is the riots in Gujarat that seem to have shaken poets. I keep track of mushairas and she’ri nashists in cities and small towns and for the last couple of years ghazal, nazm, ashaar, munaajat with reference of Gujarat have been written in abundance. However, the following ghazal is considered among the best.

haq fateh-yaab mere Khuda kyuN nahiiN hua

tuune kahaa tha, teraa kahaa kyuuN nahiin hua

jab hashr isii zamiin pe uThaye gaye to phir

barpa yahiiN pe roz-e-jazaa kyuuN nahiiN hua

voh sho’la saaz bhi isii bastii ke log the

unkii galii meN raqs-e-hawaa kyuuN nahiin hua

These are some of the ten couplet-long ghazal described by Mazhar Imam as ‘epitome of Irfan Siddiqui’s creativity and artistic energy’.



10 Responses

  1. Talking of gujrat roits and Babri masjid i don’t know what u really want. Like with you, hindus in India have also suffered a lot many attacks on them, prob’ly lot more than muslims in history from Amarnath piligrimage to Akashar Dhaam, but they never turned terrorist in global sense they way muslims have turned are have a soft heart for them in current seniorio. This is not going to help anyone, but only the thing which is going to happen is that everyone in India and even globally, muslims will turn untouchible. One more thingh, i am from Fiazabad, n wud like to ask you that, did you ever visited Babri Masjid when it was there, i had seenit several times. I should tell you that when it was there it was just a structure by Babar not a masjid because a largeLord Ram’s figure was kept there and we used to go there and pray. I think its a shame for any Muslim structure, so better got demolished. And they way lot many Masjids in Inda have been founded in history, are also example of religious terrorism by muslims,Should A COMMON HINDU SUPPORT TERRORISM FOR THE CAUSE. Answer is big NO and you know it better.

  2. As far as the roits are concernd, they were enough to open our eyes. Many of our sisters their modesty in waiting for any Ibn-i- Qasim, but Qasim is Enlightent & Moderate now. He cant protect his mothers & Sisters now.He wont fight for themas he ay not be called bu terrorist by both Own ppl and enemy as well.

    we must die as we didnt done anything to save our muslim bros & SiSs.


  3. why what about hindu terrorist the VHP AS THE HEAD OF THE RAM’S TERROR GROUP

  4. Because of few blady Hindus The entire Hindu relegion came to such a stage where no Hindu can stand in front of a muslim and speak , cause they know that what they have done is a blunder and this could not paid in any way . The politicians and some people still say that India is a secular country , But i think they all are wrong , These kind of activities wont fetch anything to our nation , But only relegious disputes and terror.

  5. Because of the demolition of babari Masjid, rose many miss understanding me & my Hindu Friends… Which may lead to communal disputes… These may be the thing done by Politicians just for the sake of their position & to earn fame…. But i think this wont work as they are the part of Community…

  6. We were sad & dishearted when Babari Masjid demolished… we were prepaired for this… we (muslims) knows Hindus mentality and thier “sentiments” about muslims. But we are so shocked and disopointed when Lal Masjid demolished and several innosent people killed in Islamabad (its really ISLAM-Abad) by the gournment. Chu….Chu…Ch…Ch… (we are speekless)

  7. The best expression of Irfan Sahab on Gujrat Riot. Really it is a great experience to read it.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  8. kisi b haal main chain ata nahi
    na magmun hokar na mashhoor hokar.
    na jine se khus hoo. na marna rawaan hai.
    ye jine main jeena hai majboor Hokar

    hasrat mohani was a pain full shayar…………

  9. shame on gujrat and its dirty policies

  10. The final couplet needs to be corrected. There is a ‘vo’ missing in both lines.
    1. jo kuch huva vo kaise huva….
    2. jo kuch nahin huva vo bataa …..

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